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Kinds of Essay

What is an Essay? The word”essay” has been derived from a French word “essai”. The French philosopher Montaigne after his retirement devoted his life to study. He originated this form of composition and published his first collection...

By Jalali on Jul 4th, 2016
Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing Paragraph Writing Paragraph writing is the base of essay writing, therefore, essential to good writing. Learning how to write a good paragraph can be challenging since you know the four essential elements of paragraph writing...

By Jalali on Jul 2nd, 2016
Steps of Essay Writing

Writing an essay often seems to be a difficult task among students. So your teacher assigned you to write an essay, and you find the task dazing. Just put pen to paper and follow the following steps of essay writing and write a successful essay.  Steps...

By Jalali on Jun 30th, 2016
How to Write a Good Essay?

A composition or an essay is a written piece of work that is short and addresses just one subject. Indeed essay writing is one of the significant a task for students to learn how to write a good essay. The following is a general structure to...

By Jalali on Mar 23rd, 2016