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Apostrophe Before S or  Apostrophe After S

Many English learners have difficulty with using apostrophe. They are not certain where to use an apostrophe and when to use an apostrophe. In the article below you will learn whether to use apostrophe before ‘S’ or after ‘S’. Indeed,...

By Jalali on Sep 23rd, 2016
Grammar, Spelling And Punctuation Checker Software

You may write a good and meaningful article, despite writing an excellent article if you commit a silly mistake, then your writing will look awkward to the readers. If you have not found the solution to this problem and feel nervous about your...

By Jalali on Mar 16th, 2016
Most Used Punctuation Marks in Writing

Most Used Punctuation Marks in Writing In the article below I am going to describe most used punctuation marks in writing. Indeed, punctuation marks are  the most important aspect of writing. However, you write good passages and paragraphs,...

By Jalali on Feb 23rd, 2016