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Rules For Changing Verbs Into ING Form

Rules For Changing Verbs Into ING FormWe always need to add -ing to verbs before using in any continuous tense. Below you will learn about the complete rules for changing verbs into ING form. Rules For Changing Verbs Into ING Form 1. For many...

By Jalali on Nov 21st, 2016
Suffixes Spelling Rules in English

A suffix is a letter (or letters) added at the end of a word and add a certain meaning to the word. Remember adding a suffix to any word changes the grammatical function (or parts of speech) of the original word and form a new word. Moreover,...

By Jalali on Sep 30th, 2016
Spelling Rules In English

Of all the languages in the world English is the most difficult to spell. In other languages Italian for instance each letter only represents one sound, so if you know how to say a word in Italian you know how to spell it. In English, however,...

By Jalali on Mar 8th, 2016