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Whose or Who's

Whose and who’s are another two words that can be bewildering for ESL learners. In speaking they are pronounced the same, but when it comes to writing you might be uncertain about which one to use. You don’t need to worry about, learn...

By Jalali on Sep 30th, 2016
WH Questions in English

WH questions are very common in English and we use it in our daily conversation. If you want to get some information about someone or something you ask by the help of WH questions. In other words WH Questions are words that include the letter...

By Jalali on Jun 12th, 2016
How to Use Which and That Correctly

How to Use Which and That Correctly How to Use “Which” and “That” Correctly? This is trickier rule involving the difference between relative pronouns “which and “that”. The proper use of “which” and “that...

By Jalali on Mar 31st, 2016
How to Use Who and Whom?

Using who and whom is common misunderstanding with ESL learners which one to use in a sentence. In this article we will elaborate how to use who and whom in your sentences. How to Use Who and Whom in Your Sentences? How to Use Who and Whom? Who:...

By Jalali on Mar 3rd, 2016