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100+ Written Anchoring Script in English | Compèring Script For Different Programs

Are you searching for written scripts and content to host an event? Then you are on the right page, here we have accomplished 100+ written anchoring scripts in English to host different functions and events at schools, colleges, universities, and other hosting programs. Yes, what you read is correct, this page is filled with the long and short written anchoring script and tips to help you prepare beforehand and make the event magnificent.

A good program is known for its contents and anchoring. This is very important to make clear your contents and script beforehand in order to host a program successfully from the introduction to the conclusion. You can read the scripts you need for your program by clicking on the links given below. Your program content might be different from the written scripts here, but we have tried to include any event happening in different programs. You can edit it to make it relevant to your own content.

100+ Written Anchoring Script in English

Scripts on Different Programs at School, College or University

  1. Step by Step Anchoring Script For School/College Function
  2. Anchoring Script For Speech/Debate Competition
  3. Anchoring Script for Award Ceremony at School College or University
  4. Anchoring Script for an Inauguration Function
  5. Anchoring Script for Investiture Ceremony in School, College or University
  6. Anchoring Script for Students Day in English
  7. Anchoring Script for Orientation Day in English
  8. Anchoring Script for Writing Competition
  9. Anchoring Script for Cultural Event Function at School or College
  10. Best Anchoring Script for Convocation Ceremony
  11. How to Host a School Assembly
  12. Anchoring Script For a Talent Show at School
  13. Anchoring Script for an Annual Function
  14. Anchoring Script | School/College Annual Day | Cultural Program
  15. Anchoring Script for the Teacher’s Day for School Function
  16. Anchoring Script for Welcoming Guests in the Function
  17. Best Script for Teacher Training Workshop
  18. Best Compèring Script for Farewell Party – Schoo / College Farwell Function
  19. Entertaining and Funny Anchoring Script in English
  20. How To Write Commentary Script For Football Match With Example
  21. Hosting Script for School, College or University Function
  22. Comparing Script on Sports Day at School
  23. How to Welcome Students Back To School/College After Covid-19
  24. Anchoring Script in English for Result Day
  25. Compèring Script For School Function / Anchoring Script for Annual Program
  26. Prize Distribution Script in English
  27. Comparing Script for Annual Function
  28. Comparing Script for School Assembly
  29. Comparing Script for Independence Day at School
  30. How to Be a Good Anchor or Compère
  31. How to Celebrate Teachers’ Day at School
  32. How to compere parents day at school
  33. How to Introduce and Honor Chief Guest in a Function
  34. Kindergarten Moving Up Ceremony Script – Preschool Graduation
  35. Kindergarten Graduation Speech For a Teacher
  36. Best Sentences to Motivate Students
  37. Best Quotes for Comparing on Stage
  38. 20 Best Quotes to Say in School Assembly

Written Newscasting Script in English

Newscasting Opening and Closing Script Lines
Newscasting Opening and Closing Script Lines
  1. Newscasting Opening and Closing Script Lines – Newspaper Script
  2. Step by Step Guide to Write a News Script -How to Write News Script
  3. Compèring Script on World Radio Day Celebration -13 February
  4. Best News Casting Script for Reporters
  5. Newscasting Script for The Introduction
  6. Anchoring Script about International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists
  7. Best Introduction or Starting Lines for TV Presenters
  8. Basic Steps of News Writing | How to Produce Quality News Story
  9. How to Write a Report With 10 Easy Steps
  10. How to Write the Best Script For a YouTube Video – 4 Basic Steps

Anchoring Script for Important Days of Year

  1. World Human Rights Day Anchoring Script And Celebration Ideas
  2. Anchoring script for father’s day in English
  3. Anchoring Script for Retirement Function
  4. Anchoring Script for Mother’s Day in English
  5. Compèring Script for the World NGO Day – February 27
  6. Compèring Script for National Science Day – 28 February
  7. Compèring Script for the International Women’s Day – March 8
  8. Compèring Script for the National Technology Day – May 11
  9. Compèring Script for the International Day of Peace
  10. Weather Forecast Report Sample Script in English
  11. Anchoring Script for Children’s Day Celebration
  12. Anchoring Script for Global Handwashing Day
  13. Comparing Script in English for Labour Day
  14. Thanksgiving Day Scripts in English
  15. How to Celebrate Mother’s Day – 10 Celebration Ideas
  16. 20 Best Mother Quotes in English

Download 100+ Written Scripts in the eBook Below

Anchoring Script for Independence Days

We hope you found your required script to host any program at your school, college, university, or anywhere. If you need more assistance while writing scripts in English reach us via comments or visit our site learnesl for more support from our expert team related to scriptwriting in English.

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Jyoti September 13, 2022 at 1:38 pm

Hi I am Jyoti . Actually i want anchoring script for ‘an enchanted forest ‘ theme party ..how to start my anchoring with starting line and how to end ..

vipul dave October 2, 2022 at 2:25 am

really helpful to me

thanks a lot

Bhagyashri April 13, 2023 at 4:39 am

I want anchoring script for Ambedkar jayanti


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