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25 Important Rules For Teachers in School

25 Important Rules For Teachers in School
25 Important Rules For Teachers in School

Rules are important because they are guidelines to what is acceptable and what is not. Therefore, every institution or academy have their own rules and regulations. Indeed without rules, there will be an injustice, fairness, and chaos among teachers. Below I have mentioned set of important rules for teachers that every teacher should live by.

25 Important Rules For Teachers in School

1. Teachers must be present in the academy premises at least 5 minutes before the warning bell is rung for the classes.

2. All the staff has to mention the time of his/her arrival and departure on the attendance sheet along with the signature.

3. A teacher can not leave the academy without informing the administrator in between teaching hour or class timing.

4. Using mobile phone while in the class is only allowed for official use. As an illustration, searching about the lesson or using talking dictionary.

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5. No personal relations or friends are allowed to visit the teacher during the class. in case of any significant matter, the visitor can meet a teacher at the discretion and satisfaction of the administration.

6. If a teacher remains absent for any important task must intimate the administrator regarding this at least one day in advance. Moreover, he/she should ask any staff member to be a substitute teacher and discuss the following day’s lesson beforehand.

7. The substituted teacher can write his/her name in the substituting list attached to the teachers’ attendance sheet.

8. The works which are assigned or will be assigned to the teachers must be done with honesty and dedication. Any laxity in doing one’s duty will be intolerable.

9. corporal punishment is strictly banned in the academy.

10. All the class/homework of the students must be properly checked and correction must be done/ given for practice. A teacher must put his/her signature with the date after checking the assignments.

11. The teachers have to finish the course in stipulated time. The progress of the teaching shall be watched and monitored by the administration. The teachers have to give the minimum result as fixed for each book.

12. Teachers have to cooperate in all academy related activities even if these happen to be on Saturdays.

13. Teachers have to perform their duties on time asked by the administration, otherwise, an intolerable and disciplinary action may be initiated against him/her.

14. Teachers have to speak English within the premises of the academy. Moreover, don’t let the students interact in any other language rather than English. Any student communicating in any other language must be warned by the teacher or else must be sent to the office. Only lower classes students are exempted from this rule.

15. Try your best to inculcate good manners, discipline and high moral character among your students. You, as a teacher, are a role model for them. So first behave yourselves as you desire your students to. They will only imitate you, your manners and your behavior. They will also remember you all through their lives, as your impression on the mind of the students will be everlasting.

16. Teachers are given handsome increment. The extra or double increment may be considered for extra deserving teachers depending upon their performance.

17. Submit your attendance sheet every Fridays to the office. And if a student has more than 3 days absences without sending any application must be sent to the office.

18. Taking proper care of the materials, player, laptop and academy furniture etc is also the responsibility of the teachers. If you take anything, must be put in its own place after using.

19. Teachers have to keep watch that classrooms are not be made dirty nor any pencil marks, scratches etc made by the students. Train the students accordingly.

20. If you need any material or anything to be copied or printed, must be submitted to the office at least one day in advance.

21. Teachers must display his/her card within the premises of the academy, and ask your students to do so. Laxity of any student on this part will cause the marks deduction.

22. Students must be punctual for the class. Students who are late for the class are subjected to late coming procedures which include a permission slip before they are allowed to the class.

23. Permission for students to leave the center early may be granted only for special cases.

24. Consumption of food and any kind of drinks are prohibited in the classroom.

25. Any interpretation, amendment relaxation, cancellation etc to the above 25 important rules for Teachers in school or any other rule, regulation is the sole right of the management and is binding on all the staff in the academy.

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