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All English Tenses

The studying of all English tenses is very important for ESL students in order to improve your communication skills both in written and spoken English In addition, correct use of tenses helps you speak with people clearly and effectively, moreover, it enables you to raise the level of readability of your business writings on the other by allowing your readers to comprehend accurately what you have written using English tenses.

Introduction To Tenses 

To maintain effective communication you should use appropriate tense, moreover it is necessary to determine using accurate form of English verbs for appropriate time or conjugating verbs properly by focusing on the structures of tenses and modal tenses, so that you can create clear and effective sentences.

Moreover, if you want to know how to change Active voice into passive voice or direct speech into indirect speech, you need to gain mastery over English tenses. Twelve basic tenses of English language will aid you immensely in gaining effective communication skills.

All English Tenses have been described with simple explanations and illustrations, leave a comment below for inquiry.

All English Tenses 

All English Tenses
All English Tenses

It is important to note that each of these tenses has four forms.You can click on the links below to read the whole article about each tenses separately:

All English Tenses

Past Tenses: 

1. Simple Past Tense

2. Past Continuous Tense (Past Progressive Tense)

3. Past Perfect Tense

4. Past Perfect Continuous Tense 

Present Tenses:

1. Simple Present Tense

2. Present Continuous Tense (Present Progressive Tense)

3. Present Perfect Tense 

4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense 

Future Tenses:

1. Simple Future Tense

2. Future Continuous Tense (Future Progressive Tense)

3. Future Perfect Tense

4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense 

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