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Anchoring Script for Award Ceremony at School College or University

It has been proven that recognition of one’s efforts is more highly valued than money. When it comes to academics, it’s customary in our society to recognize the highest achievers: the valedictorian, the class president, the honor students, or the disciplined students. Unfortunately, the vast majority of hard-working, well-behaved, industrious students are overlooked. It is important to have a function or result day programs that honor all types of students, especially those who might not normally receive acknowledgment for their efforts. Hence, if you are selected to host the function at your school, college or university this page contains anchoring script for Award Ceremony at School College or University

When it comes to announcing the result of the hard work of students at your school, you need to recognize the students who really need to be honored. Such students can be recognized for a number of accomplishments, including improved academic standing, a demonstration of their love of learning, or because they have shown exemplary attitude and behavior. Some will lead by example while others will be determined to learn, no matter the obstacles. School administrators need to praise such students and award them at a school award ceremony.

Anchoring Script for Award Ceremony at School College or University

Being an anchor at an award ceremony, you honor and announce the students result in a way that they should feel proud and get an extra source of encouragement. For instance, I have divided the award ceremony into many categories, position holders distinction in sports, arts, participating in school exhibition, the debate competition and disciplined students. As an illustration, you can say the following lines meanwhile announcing:

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Announcing the Position Holders

This is____________, your host for the evening and today I, on the behalf of________ School, heartily welcome all of you present. It is a matter of great honor and pleasure to appreciate and reward the hard work as well as the performance of the students who have made us all proud.

Now it is the time we acknowledge the talent of students award distribution of classes, I request Sir/ Ms……………. to come on the stage and present the award of position holders. Please put your hands together for him/her to be present here.

I would like to start with the lower classes. Class 1. The first position goes to__________pleas give him/her a big round of applause to come on the stage and receive the award.

I am really proud to see that the students have achieved such pleasing grades. They have been an exceptional year group to work with and their results are fully deserved.

This way you can announce the 2nd and 3rd positions too.

Today I feel very privileged and honored to stand here in front of you all and acknowledge the achievements of our brilliant students who have made both the school and their parents proud.

Now moving towards the next class position holders. Class 2. I request the class teacher Ms./Sir. to be present on the stage and give away the award of position holders. A big round of applause for him/her to be present here.

The first position holder is a talented student who has made an immense contribution to the class and school both, so put your hands together for_________for getting the first position.

I am pleased to announce the 2nd position holder of this class. Initially, I request the class teacher Ms./Sir. to be present on the stage. A big round of applause, so the holder of the 2nd position of this class is______________.

“Succeeding in life is as simple as being a good student. All you have to do is pay attention, work hard and give it the best shot.”

As an illustration, I have written a few sentences for announcing the position holders award. Besides this, you can go for other position holders and announce their results by adding some praising sentences.

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Sports Participants

Our students have not only excelled in academics but are also very good at extra-curricular activities like sports, drama, artworks, organizing school events and many other things. They have not only made us proud but brought accolades to our school and have given it a nation-wide recognition, thus adding an extra feather to its cap. Students like you are responsible for the continuous growth and development of our school in combined efforts with the extremely proficient council members as well as our teachers.

As an illustration, we have written anchoring script on sports day you can say some lines from this page.

Exhibition Participants

In the school exhibition, students participated from all classes from kindergarten through twelfth grades. As art teachers who work with these students know, art is a powerful educational tool. In addition to creativity and self-expression, the arts teach problem-solving, critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration.

Our academy seeks to highlight the importance of arts education and honor the accomplishments of young artists. ​​The exhibit also reflects the work of the incredibly talented teachers in our academy, many of whom are practicing artists themselves. Faculty members from school select artwork for the exhibition and a dedicated team of teachers and students from our academy install the art in the galleries.

To honor the hard work of these brilliant participants teachers and students, I request today’s special guest Mr./Ms._______________to come on the stage and give away the awards prepared for them.

Debate Competition Awards

A speech or debate competition was held among the students to foster their public speaking skills. In speech competition, the students were given a title to create their own speech and speak in front of the audience or peers.

We have selected 3 best speakers from the participants who have extraordinary skills in speaking. I request the great personality who has consumed himself to light the society, the principal of our academy Mr.________ please sir come on the stage and praise the students with the awards.


Disciplined Students

Discipline in school life is very important for students. In school education, discipline is a set of rules & regulations that remind us of the proper code of behavior. Discipline is ever more important during school life. But discipline is not only important for school students it’s for everyone.

We have selected one disciplined student from each class, who have followed the rules and regulation also remained cleaned through the year. Now I am going to name these students and they are requested to be present here and receive their certificates.

To felicitate them I request Mr./Ms. to come on the stage and present the disciplined students’ certificates. A big round of applause.

Sample Principal Speech on Awards Day Ceremony

Hon’ble guests, Vice Principal and Teachers, Respected Parents and Dear Students! Welcome to the School Awards Ceremony.

Today, I feel very privileged and honored to stand here in front of you all and acknowledge the achievements of our brilliant students who have made both the school and their parents proud.

I would like to congratulate our students on achieving such positive results. It is wonderful to see that their hard work has paid such dividends. To have achieved such high-quality results at a time when the bar has definitely been raised is remarkable. I wish them all the very best of luck in their future studies. My sincere thanks also go to our staff, governors and the students’ families for all the help, support and encouragement they have given over many years.

Bottom Lines

The anchoring script for award ceremony at school in this page is just a clue to give you an idea on how to compere on this day. You can rephrase the sentences and make your script according to your own theme.

If this is helpful don’t forget to share and comment using the comment section below.

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