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5 Best Websites for Learning English in 2022

Did you know that there are flee over 7.5 billion people in the world speak English and this figure is growing every day. Indeed,  English is the language of computer, politics, business, science, entertainment, radio, and diplomacy, hence, the ability to understand this language is essential for most field and occupations. So if you want to learn English online, follow this article where I have brought to you the 5 best websites for learning English that offer the best tools and resources for students, teachers, learners, and academics.

5 Best Websites for Learning English

1.      British Council

British Council has three sections for all the ages: kids, teens, and adults. It provides a huge variety of lessons, video games, and podcasts, all free. It means that no matter what level are you in, what interests you, British Council always has something to offer to let you learn English interactively. Moreover, After every video and podcast, you will get an exercise to make sure that you have understood and learned everything thoroughly.

2.      BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is designed for intermediate and advanced learners, not beginners. They provide video and radio broadcasts focused on news, and also new phrases and vocabularies. Overall, it the best site to practice listening and pronunciation. You can follow a full course or individual materials most appropriate for you because they offer both.

3.      Dualingo

Dualingo helps you learn grammar and vocabulary through games and quizzes. It is really fun and addictive to learn English with Dualingo. You will earn points and level up with each correct answers. Each lesson includes a verity of listening, speaking, translation, and multiple choices challenges. You can easily improve because you will quickly be shown if you made a mistake. Moreover, it motivates you to stay on track by recording how many days in a row you spend learning and practicing.

4.      engVid

engVid provides its users free video lesson taught by experienced native-speaker teachers. Their Classes cover English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciations, IELTS, TOFEL, and more. There are 1140 video lessons that you can watch to learn English and at the end, you will be given an exercise that you have to attempt to practice.

5.        Kaplan International English

Kaplan offers a wide range of courses and destinations for English learners all over the world. Their courses are for adults, young learners, and teens. You can learn for a week, study for a whole year, or take focused courses in business English or exam preparation up to your choice.




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