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Comparing Script on World Radio Day-13 February

20th Century has been one of the most important times in the scientific fields with one of the fundamental and most important inventions-Radio. However, telling the exact date or the inventor is difficult. Yet each year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates World Radio Day by planning activities with broadcasters, organizations and communities across the world. Also, there are public events and celebrations on the World Radio Day. So, the comparing Script on World Radio Day-13 February Can help you host the program at your school on World Radio Day.

Comparing Script on World Radio Day-13 February
Comparing Script on World Radio Day-13 February

Comparing Script on World Radio Day-13 February


Many inventions have impacted the world throughout history yet one of the most impactful one’s the invention of the radio. It provides many things such as entertainment, communication, and easier access to information. And it is still a central part of the society today.

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen! On this particular day, we all have gathered here to celebrate the invention of one of the most fundamental and important inventions.

Welcoming Guests

On the behalf of our respected principal, teachers and whole school family, I warmly welcome our chief guest (name of the guest). Thank you, sir, for joining us on this auspicious day. Also, we would like to welcome respected parents and the shining students of (name of the school). we owe you all for joining us today.

Welcome Tableau

So without wasting your time, let us move on with a welcome performance by our cute little fairies and handsome gentlemen. To call them on the stage, put your hands together for them.

outstanding! I am sure you all enjoyed the cute performance of our fairies. So, a round of applause for them, please.


Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time. Guglielmo Marconi

with that being said we would like to call upon our speaker, (name of the speaker) to share his views on the given topic.

Thank you, (name of the speaker) for sharing his thoughts.


Moving ahead, let’s have some entertainment. Our students have worked hard to bring their audiences’ own drama, tears, and laughter they know about to them, so we hope you all will enjoy. To call them on the stage, please. round of applause for them.

Mind-blowing illustration! We would like to thank and appreciate our students for such a heart touching performance.

Calling Principle on the Stage

13 February, is the day to reflect on what it means to move with time, to celebrate contemporary era and to acknowledge our history.

With that being said, we would bother respected (name of the principle) principle of (name of the institute) to say some words.

Thank you, sir. We appreciate your hard work and dedication towards this institute.


There is always an end to every event such as this auspicious event. We are pleased that you joined us today. Moreover, wish you all happiness, peace, health, success, and liberty.

I hope the Comparing Script on World Radio Day-13 February was helpful to you. If you had any question or suggestion, please, let us know in the comment section below.

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