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How To Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10?

How To Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10

If you turn on the Hibernate on Windows 10, Windows will automatically create a file called hiberfil.sys which are allocated on the root of the Windows Installation Drive, where the Hibernation files are stored. By Default, the hiberFil.sys is not Visible if you want to see that you have to enable that manually from the settings. Depending on the size of the RAM on Your PC, the hiberfil.sys may use from a few MBs to GBs of your storage and the RAM. According to an Investigation the hiberfil.sys size is about 30-70% size of the RAM of your PC.

Hibernate is by default enabled on Windows 10, you won’t notice that while powering off your system. If you are using Windows 10 on a laptop you may have noticed when your computer’s charge is at critical your computer automatically goes to Hibernation Mode, and you turn on your computer, you will see each and everything in its place.

Hibernate is a feature of Power-Saving mode which is primarily designed for Laptops. it Puts your Open Document, and programs on the Harddisk then it turns off your computer. When you turn on the computer, the document and the program is opened in the same state as it was. Hibernate is Different from Sleep mode. Sleep Mode Puts your System into sleep instead it uses some amount of Power and a Small Bit Storage but Hibernate only uses storage and Power Off your Computer.

How to Turn on Hibernate Feature on Windows 10?

As I said, Hibernate feature is by default turned on in Windows 10 only for critical moments. Now you may be thinking How to Enable this Feature in Windows 10 so you have to use it?

Follow the Procedures to Enable the Feature:

Step 1. If you are on a Laptop using Windows 10, right click on the Battery Icon and select Power Options. If you are not on a Laptop open Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options. 

Opening Power Options on Windows 10

Step 2. When you opened Power Options select Choose what the Powers do at the left pane.

What the Power Buttons do on Windows 10

Step 3. Under the Define Power Options, select Change settings that are currently unavailable.

Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10
Changing the Settings of Power Buttons

Step 4. Now check the Hibernate box. When you are done click save changes.

Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10
Enable the Hibernate Feature

How to view the hiberfile.sys file and check its size?

As I said it is hidden and it is located on the root of your operating system, for Example, If Windows is installed on Drive C then it’s location is on C:\.  If you want to see that turn Follow the Procedures to See that Manually.

Step 1. Pree Windows+E to open Windows Explorer.

Step 2. Right Click on the File Menu and select Change Folder and Search Options to open the Folder Options.

Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10
Changing the Folder and Search Options

Step 3. Move From General Tab to View Tab. First turn on the Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives, then uncheck the box of the Hide Protected Operating System Files.

Note: When you are unchecking the Box of the Hide Protected Operating System Files, it will give you a Warning. Don’t Worry about the warning, select Yes.

Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10
Applying the Settings for hiberfile.sys file

Step 4. Now go to the Root of your Operating System, select the hiberfile.sys and see its size.

Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10
Viewing the Hiberfile.sys on Windows 10

How to Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10?

Sometimes it may occur, you are not interested in using the Hibernate Feature anymore. If you don’t want to use that then simple the hiberfil.sys file to free at some storage for your PC. If you select the file and hit the Delete Button on the keyboard, you are not able to delete the file because that is an Operating System file. If you want to delete that follow the Procedures:

Step 1. Open Cmd As Administrator.

Step 2. When the Cmd Opens, type their Powercfg /hibernate off and Press Enter on the Keyboard.

Note: Now that you have turned off the Hibernate Feature, You can turn on it by typing Powercfg /hibernate on.

Note 1: For Complete Guides and structions about the PowerCfg Type Powercfg /? on cmd and press Enter on the Keyboard.

Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10
Delete Hiberfil.sys (Hibernation) File In Windows 10


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