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The word ‘Tense’ is derived from Latin word ‘tempus’ which mean time. It is mainly used to explain an action or event that is described by the verb and the time. Tenses play a vital role in any language. In English studying of all English tenses is very important for ESL (English as a Second Language) learner students in order to improve their communication skills both in written and spoken English. In addition, correct use of tenses helps you speak with people clearly and effectively. Hence download all English tenses pdf book for free from the given link below and master your English tenses.

Types of English Tenses

In English tenses are primarily categorized into Past, Present and Future. Each of these tenses have four forms and to maintain effective communication you should use appropriate tense form, moreover it is necessary to determine using accurate form of English verbs for appropriate time or conjugating verbs properly by focusing on the structures of tenses and modal tenses, so that you can create clear and effective sentences. The forms of these tenses are as follow.

Past Tenses: 

  1. Simple Past Tense
  2. Past Continuous Tense (Past Progressive Tense)
  3. Past Perfect Tense
  4. Past Perfect Continuous Tense 

Present Tenses:

  1. Simple Present Tense
  2. Present Continuous Tense (Present Progressive Tense)
  3. Present Perfect Tense 
  4. Present Perfect Continuous Tense 

Future Tenses:

  1. Simple Future Tense
  2. Future Continuous Tense (Future Progressive Tense)
  3. Future Perfect Tense
  4. Future Perfect Continuous Tense 

Download All English Tenses PDF Book For Free


Importance of Learning English Tenses

Since English language has become the dominant language and a global language of business around the world, it’s very important to develop the effective communication skills of English language.

To develop the effective communication skills of English language, we need to study grammar because grammar is the system of the language and is the rules that makes it possible for us to talk about language.

Grammar names the types of words and word groups make up sentence not only in English but in any language. As human beings, we can put sentences together, even as children–we can all do with grammar. But to be able to talk about how sentences are built, about the types of words and word groups that make up sentences– that is knowing about grammar.”

There are hundreds of grammar rules but If you just started learning English, you first need to learn English language tenses to help you create your own sentences correctly and improve your communication skills both in written and spoken English Moreover when you are learning English as a second language, learning English tenses is must in order to write and speak effectively and persuasively in English.

On the hand the correct use of tenses enables you to raise the level of readability of your business writings and allowing your readers to comprehend accurately what you have written using English tenses.

Download all English tenses PDF book for free from this page and master your 12 tenses in English. Also don’t forget to share it with your collogues and in case of having any question, you can use the comment section below to ask your question or share your feedback.

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