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The 10 Best Android apps of 2022

There are thousands of apps in the play store, so it’s quite difficult to find the best ones for you. After spending hours, we have brought you the 10 best Android apps of 2022. You can use them for free, in addition, there are plenty of amazing options that don’t cost you anything.  I hope that they will benefit you. So, let’s get started.

The 10 Best Android apps of 2022

1.     Blue Mail

Blue Mail is probably the best email app available for Android in Play Store. Account set up is very simple and sync is great. Moreover, it features a simple interface, great design, feel customization, speed, notification, and unread badge count. You can also see your friends or contacts’ photo and services’ logos that makes it much more visually appealing. Indeed, it is private and secure because is encrypted to protect your data and emails and also you can set a timed lock screen. Hence, it is the best Android email app.

2.      1 Weather

Best weather app for your Android with the simple and beautiful package. It shows you the current weather, forecast up to 12 weeks, temperature, precipitation forecast, doppler radar, and much more. Moreover, it comes with English, French, Spanish, Francais, Italiano, Chinese, Japanese, Turke and much more.

                       3.    Good Drive Suite

Google Drive Suite

Google Drive is a cloud storage available for Android where you’ll get 15GB by signing up. You can easily save your photos, videos, files, and documents and access them from anywhere you want. In addition, you can easily share your documents and file. What makes it so special are the suites of Android attached to it including Google Docs, Gmail, Gooogle Sheets and Google Slides.

4.   Google Opinion Reward

It is originally an app created by Google Survey team. You need to answer Google surveys to earn Google credit. Firstly you need to download the app and answer some questions to get started. You’ll then be sent surveys weekly. You need to answer those surveys and in return, you will earn up to £0.60.

5.      Google Maps

If you have planned to go somewhere, Google Maps can be proved the best app. It features real-time GPS navigation, public transport, and details about millions of business, such as reviews and popular times. In addition, it is frequently updated so that you could stay up to date.

6.      KeyPassDroid

Basically, it is a password manager. This app is based on KeePass project and is a great locker that keeps all your information safe. Though it seems to be very simple but functions well.

7.      Quik

It is a video editor app for GoPro. It is very easy and time-saving to make perfect videos of your photos and video clips. Moreover, you have a complete control over the video you’re creating, you can easily trim video clips, frame photos, personalize your story with text overlays, and much more.

8.       Icon Pack Studio

It is the first app that allows you to create your own icon and customize them. You can resize, move any element of your custom icon, apply a special effect like lights, shadows, texture, and bezels and apply custom launcher in a few seconds. Also, you can use any launcher to launch it.

9.        Chrooma GIF Keyboard

Chrooma GIF Keyboard is an app that adapts its color according to the app you are using. It also helps you with emojis, punctuation, and numbers. You can personalize its theme, font style, emoji style, and font size. Furthermore, according to AndroidAuhority.com Chrooma Keyboard is “ the best app released in all of 2016.”

10.       Zedge

Zedge provides you pretty much everything including wallpapers, live wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarm. You can customize all your phone with only one app.

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