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10 Important Things Students Must Do Before College Starts

With a fresh environment, we may a little more anxious but excited and hopeful. After all, as they say, we are starting a chapter of life. Thus, if you want to make just a perfect start, you should know these 10 important things students must do before college starts.

10 Important Things Students Must Do Before College Starts

You may think your most difficult job is done once you have been admitted to college. However, the actual journey begins here. You have to fail, succeed, learn, and move on every day as college is full of new learning every day.

Moreover, these 10 important things students must do before college starts will surely help you till the end. Thus, take a piece of paper and a pen and get ready!

1. Know Where the Important Locations Are on Campus

Before the first day of college, there are plenty of things you should do. And one of the most important things is to get to know your campus. Before the first day, visit your campus and explore if not each area but important locations such as the financial aid office, your professors’ rooms, library, admin office, and your classrooms.

So, on the first day or first few days of your college, you should be running here and there confused.

2. Get Your Personal Space Organized

If you are starting college newly, you may want to clean up and organize your space properly before college starts. Because to be honest, once college starts, you may hardly get any time to keep on doing your cleaning regularly.

Besides, a clean and organized space has psychological effects too. And it can also increase your productivity. Because if you are always on the go, a clean and organized room can help you boost your productivity.

10 Best Things Students Must Do Before College starts

3. Get Some of Your School Supplies

No one can deny buying school supplies is fun. And before college starts, you should try to get your essentials such as notebooks, utensils, binders, and more. Once college, starts, you can then buy yourself the things you need.

10 Best Things Students Must Do Before College starts

4. Roam Around Bookshops to Check Out Textbook Prices

College is indeed expensive! As students, you may have a tight budget too. Therefore, if you have a list of textbooks you need before college starts, start looking for the best prices at the bookshops and over the internet to get the best deals and save some pennies.

Because once you start going to college, you may not have enough time to look deeply and get good deals. Thus, take out some time and start looking for your textbooks beforehand.

5. Start Getting Yourself in a Routine

Modifying your routine is one of the most important things you will need to do before you start going to college. For instance, if you go to bed late at night, try going to bed earlier which will help you get up early in the morning. And most importantly, by getting up earlier, you will get an extra hour or hours to get things done and be productive.

Moreover, planning your routine also means that you should figure out the timings and duration of your classes and breaks.

6. Create a Class Schedule

Scheduling your classes, your routine, and your life can be really helpful and time-saving later when you actually start going to college. Thus, check out if any of your professors have uploaded any class schedule, then you can use Google Calendar or any calendar of your choice to schedule important dates and events.

Moreover, remove all the extra stuff from your calendar because you do not only need to organize your life and room but also your calendar.


7. Think About Your Desired College Life

This can be very important and helpful if done well. So, take a piece of paper and a pen and think about how you want your college life experience to be. And whatever your answer is write it down on the paper. Then, make more specific goals and how to achieve those goals; specifically what things can help you achieve your desired college experience.

For instance, if you want to graduate with some work experience. Then, look for potential companies and internship opportunities. In case, staying active on campus is a must, then search for potential organizations or companies where you can work part-time or online.

8. Clear Your Debts

If you have any debts then before college starts, try your best to clear them. Because college itself is expensive. And you may hardly get any time to work outside of your studies to make extra pennies. Besides, for at least 4 to 5 years, you may not be able to do proper earning. Therefore, for college expenses, you may need to take an extra loan.

Thus, it is always good to clear your debts if possible.

9. Thoroughly Read The Schools Website

You can learn a lot about your school even before joining it regularly through their web portal. There is for sure a tremendous amount of information about the school itself, departments, faculty, time table, classes, exams, sports, and much much more. Therefore, it is useful to spend some time checking out the school’s website thoroughly.

10. Get a Parking Permit or Bus Pass

A few days before your college starts, try to get yourself a parking permit or bus pass. If you are driving college by yourself, you should know the parking spot and be prepared to find it filled sometimes. But if you are going on the bus, check out the timings of your bus and class, and try to adjust or leave home earlier to reach the campus for your class on time.


So that is for our picks on 10 Best Things Students Must Do Before College starts. Let us know if you have any suggestions down below. Or if you have any questions regarding college or studies, we would love to help you.

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