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10 Things Every Student Must Do Before Exams

10 Things Every Student Must Do Before Exams
10 Things Every Student Must Do Before Exams

When I used to have my school exam, I used to get together with friends for a study session, moreover, I had self-study and was given enough time the night before the exam. But despite having a good preparation and study for the exam, I used to do useful tasks to give myself the best chance to have good marks. Below I share my experience about 10 things every student must do before exams to reduce nervousness, anxiety and get the desired marks.

10 Things Every Student Must Do Before Exams

1. Review what you have studied an hour before the exam

You have been studying for night or nights before the exam and finally, the time has come to take the exam. To help you get a better result from your struggle, put a glimpse to the bullet points or titles you have studied before, this will help you to review and remember whatever you have studied before.

2. Don’t study right before the exam

If you have been studying hard previous night or couple of night, then don’t study an hour before the exam. Close your books and don’t think of the subject and calm yourself. Because you have been studying and there’s no way you were able to get a full night of sleep and your stress level is high, therefore give yourself time and be relax.

3. Wake Up Your Mind and Body

It’s very important that before the exam you’re focusing on waking up both your mind and body so that you’re wholeheartedly ready to take on a long test. Some people put on music to get their body energized, you can do so.

4. Ask your friend if you don’t know the answer to a question

During the school, if you have been absent and missed a lesson, you need to find out if others are in the same boat. As a classmate who has studied a chapter more than you.

5. Eat a great meal

Make a special effort to cook yourself a decent meal. I’m not suggesting “brain food” such as nuts or oily fish, but a meal you’d have if you were celebrating and wanted to spoil yourself, such as steak and chocolate tart. It’ll make you feel happy and give you a boost ready for the exam.

6. Take a bath



If you have got time, it would be great to take a bath before an exam. Because taking bath has many pros. As it can improve heart health, help you to breath easier and your brain and nervous system can benefit from bathing.

7. Avoid thinking about the exam

Avoid thinking about the exam you have, because thinking a lot will raise the level of your nervousness and put you in dilemma. In fact, one of the best tips for getting things done that I have learned so far is simply to stop thinking and start doing.

8. Drink water

Remember that being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work at its best. Make sure you keep drinking plenty of water throughout your revision but don’t drink too much on the exam day.

9. Dress up properly

Is dressing up well important? Yes, it’s important. Because dressing sense defines you and dressing up well gives a positive impression it expresses you.

10. Make sure to take all materials you need on test day

Before leaving for the exam, make sure you have taken materials you need to bring to your exam. As an illustration, pen, pencil, clipboard, and paper.


Good Luck!

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