100 Common English Sentences and Words We Use Daily

100 Common English sentences and words we use daily

There are some common sentences and words that we use every day from morning activities till tonight. If you are new to English these 100 common English sentences and words we use daily will help you a lot to learn the basic conversation and communication every day.

100 Common English Sentences and Words We Use Daily

Sr. # Word Sentence
1. Get up I usually get up at 5 o’clock in the morning.
2. Alarm The alarm went of at 7 o’clock.
3. Bath I’ll have a bath before going to office.
4. Wash I always wash my hair when I get up early in the morning.
5. Exercise How often do you exercise? Exercise in the morning is very important.
6. Brush We have to brush our teeth twice a day.
7. Toothpaste Could you give the tube of toothpaste please?
8. Comb I drag a comb through my hair before leaving the home.
9. Bag Could you put the book inside my bag mom?
10. Shoe I take my shoes and socks off after coming from school.
11. Sock My mother bought me a pair of socks yesterday.
12. Clock It was ten past six by the clock when I left the home.
13. Because I study English because it is an international language.
14. Morning Morning is a best time for studying.
15. night We are invited as guest in our relative’s home tonight.
16. Afternoon I a computer class in the afternoon.
17. evening What do you do in the evening?
18. Give Please give me your phone once.
19. Come Will you come today afternoon at our home?
20. Go I go to school everyday on time.
21. classroom Where is their classroom she asked the teacher.
22. office He was sent to the office to bring some papers.
23. teacher Could you tell me what your teacher’s name is?
24. duster Our teacher asked me to bring his duster from the office.
25. Marker Our teacher uses different color markers to write on the board.
26. Whiteboard We have a large whiteboard in our classroom.
27. pen I have 12 different color pens in my bag.
28. notebook Could you give your notebook to copy the note?
29. Book I forgot to bring my mathematics book from home today.
30. Now Please bring a glass of water now.
31. then When we did our home homework then went out.
32. people Nowadays we can trust the people easily.
33. take Please take me to the park, he asked his mom.
34. Thing I am fond of sweet things.
35. think What do you think about your future?
36. play What are the student playing now?
37. game Tomorrow we are having game in English period.
38. break Students should not the school roles.
39. breakfast What did you take in your breakfast today?
40. lunch Today we will have our lunch in a restaurant.
41. dinner Don’t take a heavy dinner the teacher advised the students.
42. see Can you see me now?
43. What What are you thinking right now?
44. which Which color do you like the most?
45. How How old are you?
46. many How many brothers and sisters do you have?
47. much How much water do you need?
48. also I learn English also practice it on learn ESL.
49. Have I have a lot of time to do my homework.
50. more Can you give me some more time please?
51. do Do you assignment on time always.
52. has She has a beautiful hand writing.
53. good He is very good in English.
54. should You should learn English on learn ESL web.
55. study What do you study every day.
56. writeI have written an article about common English sentences and words.
57. readI am reading common English sentences and words we use daily.
58. speak He is having a good speaking power.
59. start When are we going to start the program?
60. during We are not allowed to eat during the class.
61. place Which place is a nice place for tourists to visit?
62. week What do yo do in the weekend?
63. year I have a lot of new plans for the year 2019.
64. thanks Thanks to the teacher who helped me.
65. welcome The teacher was welcomed by the students.
66. small We has a small garden at our school.
67. big We want to buy a big house next year.
68. Medium A medium size shirt will fit him.
69. change I need to change my clothes before going to the party.
70. shop Is there any shop near here?
71. market You need to go to the market for a shopping.
72. size What size are you asking for? Asked the shopkeeper.
73. Internet Internet is a good source of information.
74. Phone Which is the best phone of the year 2018, Note 9 or iPhone 10?
75. computer Everyone needs a computer to study on it.
76. table Could you put the cloth on the table please?
77. glass Could you bring me a glass of water?
78. plate We need two more plates please.
79. spoon How many spoon do you need?
80. bread We don’t take bread in our dinner.
81. cupboard They have a lot of furniture in their cupboard.
82. Light Recently the light went off.
83. car My father goes to work in his car.
84. television Don’t forget to turn off the television when you go to bed.
85. school You have to get up early in the morning for your school.
86. Show A big show is going to be held tonight in the park.
87. activity We have different activities in our school daily.
88. piece I need a piece of cloth to clean my car.
89. door Please close the door when leaving.
90. window My mother is cleaning the windows of our home everyday.
91. Shut Shut the windows, it’s cold outside.
92. close I forgot to close the door of the office.
93. open My father is going to open a new account.
94. washroom A room with attached washroom.
95. bedroom I am relaxing in my bedroom after coming from school.
96. bathroom I keep clean my bathroom.
97. Kitchen They have decorated their kitchen.
98. cloth Change your cloth when cooking.
99. shirt I wear a white shirt when going to the office.
100. trouser My mother is mending my trouser.

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