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15 Creative Essay Writing Prompts for Students

15 Creative Essay Writing Prompts for Students
15 Creative Essay Writing Prompts for Students

Essay writing requires a powerful imagination and creativeness. Our swift and busy lifestyle leaves little space for them. A writer’s block is a common phenomenon among students. Read this post if you have faced it. We have gathered 15 creative essay writing prompts for students that will boost your writing skills.

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Writing About Yourself

It might sound curious, but essays about yourself are difficult for some writers. Here are some ideas:

  1. Describe your last travel trip or a place you would like to travel into. Write about different reasons to travel. Do not forget that there are different exciting ways to get from one place to another.

  2. People love reading about struggles and obstacles the author faces. Recall a story or a tragedy that happened to you. Write about the things it taught you. Everybody passes through changes in life. Write about how you have grown up.

  3. Relatives and ancestors are a good source of interesting stories. Probably, your family members have many things to tell you. In many countries, men and women went to world wars. Many of them had hard but exciting jobs. Describe your relationship with your relatives.

  4. You can be a model for your readers. Probably, you have got some tricks and ideas on how to solve problems. Tell everybody how you manage to stay healthy or how to sleep well. Describe your everyday life and your special lifestyle.

Writing About Interesting Personalities

It might be difficult to tell something unique about a famous person. You will need some unusual approaches:

  1. Describe a famous person from an unusual point of view. For instance, everybody knows Abraham Lincoln as the greatest president in US history. However, nobody pays attention to his relationship with his wife. Describe Lincoln as an average person with his own fears and desires.

  2. Never concern the famous person directly. Try to reconstruct their portrait using the impressions of their contemporaries. For example, everybody admires Steve Jobs. You can hear a lot of pleasant things about him. However, you will be able to find some people telling having a different opinion about him. Otherwise, you can analyze a person through their writing or their masterpieces.

  3. Be original. History knows many talented people, but it can hardly remember them all. People use such usual inventions as trains or toilet paper without guessing who had discovered them. Find an interesting person from the past and devote the attention they deserve.

  4. The famous person must not exist at all. Write about your concept of an ideal human. Describe the features and traits most important for you. Attempt to forecast how humanity will change in, say, one hundred years.

Science and Technical Essays

Usually, they are less complicated. A professor is likely to give you a topic for them. Anyway, here are some fresh ideas:

  1. Ex adverso way is always original. Imagine, you need to describe the measures of protection on the Internet. Start describing the consequences of waiting for those who do not consider one or another rule.

  2. Make unusual comparisons. Tell about something not similar at all from the first sight. You might find some extraordinary properties of the objects under research. Also, it is always interesting to read such essays. Compare some incomparable things. Make interesting comparisons of happenings that occurred in different ages.

  3. Check the newest discoveries in particular fields. Scientists love forecasting. Your readers might not hear about many interesting inventions and gadgets. Predict the future of science and technology.

  4. Find uncommon ways to use common things. Did you know that there are about a hundred ways to use peanut butter? Think about your topic or research object, and guess how it can be applied.

Use Your Imagination

Essays with a free topic are the best way to apply your imagination or fantasy.

  1. Nobody forbids you to create your own holiday. Describe how it could be celebrated. Find a historical background. Describe the traditions people could follow during your holiday. What kind of gifts would they present to each other?

  2. Tell everybody about an animal you would like to turn into and why you would like to do it.

  3. Imagine that you rule your country. What will it look like? What political regime will it have? How will it adjust the economy? Guess what rules and values it will develop. What organizations will it participate in? It might be a good essay on history, politics, and social sciences.

As you can see, it is not difficult to find a good idea for an essay. To boost your creative thinking, you should read more books and watch movies. When your brain works continuously, it is not difficult to find a theme for writing.

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