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The 5 Best Pronunciation Apps Every English Learner Must Use

The 5 Best Pronunciation Apps
The 5 Best Pronunciation Apps

Pronunciation is the most serious problem that non-native English speakers are facing. Because wrong pronunciation can put bad impact and lead to a negative impression. Despite having a good speaking power and good accent, if your pronunciation is improper then you will look misunderstanding and ineffective in communication. So, pronunciation matters a lot and this is why learning English as a second language is challenging. Don’t worry, in the article below you will find the 5 best pronunciation apps which will help you to improve your pronunciation and speak fluently.

The 5 Best Pronunciation Apps

1. English Pronunciation

Contains ads

Rated by 8000+

Installs 1,000,000 – 5,000,000


This one of the great apps among the 5 best pronunciation apps which teaches you how to pronounce English words properly and also checks your pronunciation to make sure you do right.


  • Short Vowels
  • Long vowels
  • Double vowel sounds
  • Voiced consonants
  • Voiceless consonants
  • Other consonants
  • Mouth and tongue positions when pronouncing sounds
  • Voiced and unvoiced sounds
  • You can hear the pronunciation and many examples about that.
  • You can tap on the words in practice area to hear the correct pronunciation of that word
  • FREE Pronunciation videos with phonetics letters that help you know the right way to pronounce a word
  • You can view your progress
  • Can earn points after making correct pronunciations
  • You can remove ads to use full functions

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