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The Top 12 Countries that Worth Getting a Scholarship

Have you ever dreamed of going abroad for completing your education? Of course, every student has the dream to study abroad but always the opportunity is not available for us. But if we have the opportunity, then why not in the top 12 countries that worth getting a scholarship. I know that thinking about where to get a degree is confusing because nowadays, students have a world of options and opportunities for completing their degrees in the top countries of the world.

You will meet great personalities and will find new friends wherever you decide to apply. In a survey, students had preferred deciding where to study means the country rather than the university. So here are some top countries that offer scholarships for international students every year.

The 12 Top Countries that Worth Getting a Scholarship

The ranking of these countries are based on 6 main factors:

  1. To experience a new culture
  2. To achieve your career goals
  3. Experiencing and exploring something new in order to enhance your knowledge
  4. To make new friends
  5. To witness a higher quality education
  6. Study at an affordable cost

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1. Australia

Australia is number 10 on the global rankings and according to some resources on the internet, it is considered as 4th ranking because of its high quality and best teaching system. Its six universities are one of the top universities worldwide. And almost 270, 000 students go for pursuing their higher education in this country every year. Students can enjoy this beautiful country too because it has a very beautiful sea view and big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane for tourism. This country is full of adventures because of its habitats and wildlife. So if you want to study abroad, then I highly recommend you to apply for the scholarship of this country because it is way better than described.

2. France

France is another country among the top countries of the world which is in number 9 on the global rankings. Every year 260,000 international students pursue their studies in this country. This is a country famed for its beautiful nature and attractive view. Their culture is just amazing that’s why most of the students choose this country over others. They have 3,500 universities for international students in order to pursue their higher education with the best education system. This country is ranked #3 in the world for culture and # 11 for adventure.

3. Mexico

Mexico is the favorite of all and it is in the 5th number ranking globally. Every year they provide scholarships for 12,000 students worldwide for their higher education and of course all of them are fully funded. As well as in this country, everything can be bought at a low cost. This country is ranked number 1 in making friends globally and making our communications way more powerful. Their culture is just interesting for students to learn because it is full of great ideologies. In their cities, you can find 35 UNESCO world heritage sites to explore and find new opportunities for yourself.

4. Canada

Canada is another best country for getting a scholarship in and this country is on number 4 ranking globally. Each year they offer 200,000 scholarships for international students in order to let them explore a new world, achieve their goals, and get a lot of opportunities. Canada is the world’s most developed countries. And it proudly has top universities around the globe and that’s why it is famous for its teaching quality and successful career. It is ranked number 4 in the world for teaching quality and number 8 for career goals. Canada is known as one of the best countries to live and study in.

5. United Kingdom

It is ranked number 5 in Europe and ranked number 2 in providing higher-quality teaching globally. And it is ranked number 4 in the world for experiencing new lifestyles and cultures. The most prominent universities in the world are from the United Kingdom. Some of them are Oxford, Cambridge, and many other best universities across this country. You will experience a royal and luxurious lifestyle in this beautiful country.

6. The United States of America

The United States of America is ranked number 1 globally. And it is ranked number 5 for its culture and lifestyle. And the most important thing is their educational system that is really advanced because it is one of the most developed countries. According to most of the students, the United States provides endless opportunities for learning and their future career that is why this country is preferred by a lot of students. In this country, you can find people from different casts, countries, and religion but the only thing that unite them is the opportunity that they give to them.

7. Germany

Germany is a Western European country which hosts a lot of students from abroad countries. As compare to other countries in Europe Germany comes at a lower cost for students. As it has been estimated that per month living costs in Germany are around 853€. Moreover, if a student can’t afford it, there are numerous programs for students who offer financial support in the form of a scholarship. Besides this Germany is one of the best known European countries that offer almost free university admission fees. If you have the capability you would be given this opportunity to continue your education and gain skills in Germany.

8. Switzerland

Switzerland is another most preferred country which is in number 8 on the global rankings. Every year 50,000 international students pursue their studies in this amazing country. It is ranked 2nd for its teaching quality and 6th for great opportunities. Although it is a very small country, again it has two huge universities for international students. Improving the skills that will help you make your career goals and achieve them. This country has a brilliant icy land where you can ski and enjoy a lot with your new fellows.

9. Netherland

The Netherlands is on the 7th global rankings. Each year they provide scholarships for 82,000 international students in order to help them get higher education and make their dreams come true. This country has ranked 3rd globally for teaching quality and 4th for career goals. It has eight universities for international students. The best thing is that every course is in the English language not in any other language. And most students stay in this country after their graduation too because this country offers job opportunities too.

10. Thailand

We have heard that Thailand is a great place for vacation but is it a good place for studying too? Obviously, it is a great place for studying that is why it is ranked number3 in the world and number 1 in Asia. With top global rankings in culture number 8 and adventure number 8 and offers so much more than a typical vacation. Thailand is a place where students can make their dreams come true. And almost 20,000 students pursue their studies in this country.

11. South Korea

South Korea is one of the best countries in the world for international students and the only country that worth from Asia that offers a scholarship for international students. This country has the best higher education universities in the world for all types of educational degree programs. While you study in Korea you will enjoy a variety of interesting sight and beautiful views. Students will also enjoy South Korea’s rich and dynamic culture.

12. Spain

In Spain, you can find everything with the lowest price, there you can witness the best education system and over 70 universities to choose from. It is ranked number 1 for its beautiful nature and adventure and it is ranking number 3 for its culture. There you can visit different museums and artworks for having a look at the art of the great Picasso and can go to the stadiums of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

So these were the top best countries in the world to get scholarships from. We know that everyone has the dream to study abroad but winning a scholarship especially from such ranking and developed countries are not easy at all. we have covered an article about getting a scholarship, read how to win a scholarship online in addition, share the names of other countries you think worth winning a scholarship from.

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Australia is the best place for gaining an education. wonderfully article

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Canada all the way


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