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Best Ways to Improve Your Spoken English

Best Ways to Improve Your Spoken English
Best Ways to Improve Your Spoken English

Do you want to know about the tips, how to improve your speaking in English, and speak fluently? Are you nervous about your speaking? Don’t worry, follow the tips below work hard and do your best to improve your speaking.
Literally every ESL learner wants to speak English powerfully and fluently, but it needs some requisites to do this. Indeed it needs a huge discourse to describe the ways how to improve your speaking skills in English, but here we will take a look at the best ways to improve your spoken English.

Best Ways to Improve Your Spoken English  

1. Improve your Grammar.
Excellent English grammar is important because:
You will quickly understand what people are saying, you will quickly find the correct form of what you want to say, you can concentrate on pronunciation and fluency and you will feel confident and don’t mumble meanwhile speaking because you know about the grammar accuracy.

2. Improve your vocabulary
If you have a good vocabulary.you will quickly know what you want to say and construct your sentences, moreover, if your vocabulary power is good not only in speaking skill but you will have mastery over three more modules: listening, reading and writing. Besides a good vocabulary you need to learn essential phrases in English which will help you a lot to flourish your speaking.

3. Improve your listening
A good listener is a good speaker, so listening is the key to fluency. To be able to speak fluently you need to listen to native speakers every day. With listening, we will learn grammar, vocabulary and get faster. For improving this aspect you have a lot of options i.e:

  • Watch films with the transcript on the screen and listen to the way they utter the words.
  • listening to English songs, English news, documentary programs, talking to natives or mutual discussion in class.
  • A baby doesn’t learn the language with his eyes but he listens and listens before he speaks. So you must listen to easy speaking. Like children s’ audiobook or movie.

4. Learn correct pronunciation
Learning English is challenging for people just because of pronunciation and accent. Have you wondered that the accent of a learner of a language is different from that of a native speaker? That is why it is a bit difficult for learners to communicate with native speakers in a proper way. To come with terms to this, at least you must learn the correct pronunciation of words when you listen for the first time. You can check the pronunciation in a talking dictionary like the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary.

5. Learn the International Phonetic alphabet (IPA)
The IPA helps us to pronounce a word correctly. It is a system for representing different sounds with symbols.
In addition, learning “IPA” will help you to learn the sound of each letter accurately, especially the vowel sounds. Thought we have 5 vowels but it makes 15 different sounds, learning IPA will help you to utter words correctly.

6. Practice and talk to yourself in English.
Talk to yourself in English, not your native language. This will force you to start thinking in English because when you are thinking in English, you will speak more fluently.
Practice speaking with a native for a few hours per week. Ask them to speak slowly and clearly and correct your biggest mistakes. If you cannot find native speakers in your town, the best way to practice and improve your speaking is by recording yourself on the computer and phone, then listen back to yourself and rectify your mistakes.

7. Do not be scared about making a mistake
If you are scared, you will never speak fluently. It does not have to be perfect when you are learning. Speaking and making a mistake is better than not speaking. Ask the other person to correct your mistakes after you have finished speaking.

8. Participate in discussion and speeches
One way to improve fluency is to deliver speeches on various topics in English. Select a topic and start speaking about the topic in English. Even if you are in your room and there is no one to listen to you, consider that a lot of people are sitting in front of you, listening to you and you are delivering them a speech. Speak about the topic as much you can. Doing so, again and again, will improve your fluency in English.
Another way to improve your fluency is to participate in a discussion with your classmates and friends in English.

9. Learn Deeply
Whatever you learn to grasp that in your mind and remember. When do you learn something than can you use that when speaking and when listening? For example: if you have an English interview can u use that or can you respond. Like playing football when a player learn techniques can he use it while playing. So when u learn something to repeat and repeat that a lot. So that when you hear that you can understand and use that properly while speaking.

10. The Engine of Speaking
Like a vehicle or car. A car needs a motor to move it which is the major part of it. If we just have a motor nothing happens, because a motor needs energy it needs gas or gasoline or fuel. To drive a car we need gasoline or fuel because a motor without energy cant moves.
So here, what do you need to improve your speaking in English? You need emotional energy, we got to add our emotional energy: motivation, enthusiasm, focus, concentration, energy, confidence, perseverance, we need these all and psychological energy to use and make the system work.
You could follow the top 10 tips to improve your speaking in English but if you go with low energy u will succeed slowly, on the other hand, if u have great interest, excitement, energy, and motivation, when combine these to gather, that’s when u speak powerfully.

Remember it takes a lot of time to fluent yourself in English also it depends on your functioning upon the top 10 tips to improve your speaking in English which were discussed here. I hope you will work hard to do your best and improve your speaking in English.

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