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Common Confusing Words In English

People often make spelling errors when they write the words that sounds the same or almost the same as another word with different meaning and different spelling, here in this article will look at some of the common confusing words in English and explain how you can spell them correctly. Even an excellent writer get confused with these words, you should read through this list about common confused words in English to rectify your most common false in writing.

Common Confusing Words in English
Common Confusing Words in English

Common Confusing Words in English

Confusing Word                                        Meaning
Accept                    to take
Except to exclude, other than
Access availability
Excess to much of something
Advice recommendation
Advise to recommend
Affect to influence
Effect influence, to accomplish
Coarse rough
Course direction, subject
Complement to complete
Compliment to praise
Faze to daunt
Phase period
Its of it
It’s it is or it has
Lead to direct
Led directed
Lead a kind of metal
Loose slack
Lose to mislay
Passed went by
Past previous time
Peace tranquility
Piece a part
Pore to study
Pour spill
Precede to go before
Proceed to go ahead
Principal chief
Principle rule
Rain precipitation
Rein bridle of a horse, to control
Reign rule
Raise to lift up
Raze to dear down
Sight vision
Site place
Cite to refer to
Stationary still
Stationery paper
Their of them
There in that place
They’re they are
To toward
Too also
Two a number
Weather state of the atmosphere
Whether if
Your of you
You’re you are
Aid to help or assist
Aide A person who helps
Aloud speaking loud
Allowed having permission
Ascent upward movement
Assent to agree to
Board a long sheet of wood
Bored not interested
Born newly coming into life
Borne carried
Brake to stop
Break to smash
By next to
Buy purchase
Bye farewell or good bye

You just learned about common confusing words in English that sound the same bout having different spelling and meanings. Hope it is useful to rectify your common mistakes in writing.

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