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Comparing Script for the Independence Day of the Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries of the African continent and the fastest growing economies of the world. In addition to that, culturally, Nigeria is home to more than 250 linguistic, ethnic groups such as Kanuri, Igbo, Hausa. In the 13th century, Islam was introduced in Nigeria, and Kanem Empire continued to rule the state until the 14th century. Regrettably, in 1886, it became a British protectorate. However, after years of sacrifice and struggle, Nigeria got independence on October 1, 1960. The Nigerian independence day is celebrated by paying marked homage to its famous freedom fighters and leaders. With that being said, if you are also preparing for the independence day so, the following comparing script for the independence day of the Nigeria can help you host the program.

Comparing Script for the Independence Day of the Nigeria
Comparing Script for the Independence Day of the Nigeria

Comparing script for the Independence Day of the Nigeria

Anchor 1: Good morning and rise and shine, Nigeria. Hope you all are doing well. It is me (name of the anchor) and

Anchor 2: me (name of the second anchor). October 1, 1960, is the day when we finally got freedom from the United Kingdom after years of struggle and thousands of sacrifices. Hence, we are delighted to start this auspicious and beautiful day with you all.

Anchor 1: Alos, on behalf of the school family including our esteemed principle and hard-working teachers, we both welcome you all to our today’s function and wish you the very happy independence day

Anchor 2: With that being said, let us start the day with the flag ceremony and our national anthem.

(after the national anthem)

Anchor 1: A truth starts to emerge
And shown presence in the world
From the darkness, it appears in light
When it mix-up with cool air
A deferent kind of fragrance
Spread and touch heart
Who is not go happily
Who never fill nice?
When the whole beauty of nature
Welcome you give surprise
Love is immortal thought
Love is the soul of God
While you pick right thought
And get victory on yourself
She will show her appear
As the gift of God

Now, put your hands together for our welcome tableau performers.

(after the welcome)

Anchor 1: We hope you enjoyed the performance of our cute little fairies. And, we would like to welcome respected chief guest of the occasion (name of the person). Sr., you hardly need any introduction because everyone knows you well. However, you are Mr. (name and introduction). Thank you, sir, for joining us today. We are aware it was so hard for to take out time that is why we respect the time you have taken out of your busy schedules.

Anchor 2: “We want to lead a country where people will be less greedy. Where people will know that the Commonwealth of Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians, where people’s wealth depends on the people around you. If you become a rich person and everyone around you is poor, you are very poor.” — Goodluck Jonathan

So, for a flashback, we would call upon (name of the speaker).

(after the speech)

Anchor 1:  Thank you, (name of the speaker). Did you know that till 1984, travel visa was not required to the United Kingdom?

Anchor 2: That is interesting! And ladies and gentlemen, Now it is time for some entertainment and drama. For that purpose. We would call upon (name of the performer and group).

Anchor 1: Wow, an outstanding illustration!

Anchor 2: And great performance. We have newly started to enjoy but regrettably, time is so fleeting that the time to say goodbye has arrived.

Anchor 1: But before that, we would bother the man whose efforts are the secret reason of the state of this institute and the quality education for our children.

Anchor 2: So, a round of applause for him everyone, please.

(after his speech)

Anchor 1: Thank you, sir. We appreciate your all efforts and dedication.

Anchor 2: How lucky we are that we have such auspicious moments that make it hard to say goodbye. However, wish you all once more a very happy independence and good luck. Heaps of thanks to all of you.

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