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Developing Vocal Variety in Speech

Developing Vocal Variety in Speech
Developing Vocal Variety in Speech

We tend to use more vocal variety when we talk to people we like. You find some speakers performing what I call the business speech equivalent of a la la bye, a monotonous tone and a lack of dynamic range can make your audience fight to stay awake.

Developing Vocal Variety in Speech

Think of using vocal variety in three key areas.

1. Volume
The first key area is volume or dynamic range, the most fundamental way to gain anyone’s attention is to break a par an, look for appropriate areas to vary a volume of your voice within your speech. A sudden, quite dramatic pause in your speech can capture just as much attention, as I suddenly spoke loudly, what might if you add a dramatic pause, can you whisper is a site of audience, is that going to be a moment when you possibly raise your voice.
It’s how to put your audience into sleep, when you look for appropriate areas to vary your volume.

2. Tone
The second area is to look for vocal variety is in your tone, often your tone a voice is driven by a motion. For offline exercise try saying one short sentence with various levels of feeling. For example try saying, I want the sell contest, say that as if you are very excited “ I WANT THE SELL CONTEST” try saying that with various other emotions.
You will hear how much variety in your tone a voice is driven by your feelings. A key idea to using an effective tone a voice is to match your genuine emotion to your words, examine the emotion behind the words you choose to speak, you often find your facial gestures and body language will also reflect the emotion you are projecting.

3. Pace

The third key area is with your pace, sometimes it makes a world of sense to speed up your delivery, and sometimes it makes even more sense to slow down.
I don’t always need to keep the same pace, I can always pick up the pace a bit to demonstrate a sense of urgency and excitement or I can slow down for just a bit of dramatic entices.
Volume, tone and pace, these are three key areas for you to practice vocal variety.

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