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English Vocabularies and Phrases Related to Newscasting & Media

English Vocabularies and Phrases Related to Newscasting & Media
English Vocabularies and Phrases Related to Newscasting & Media

Knowing English vocabularies and phrases are must to speak and write phenomenally. If you have a good vocabulary power then you will have a good speaking and writing power too. We have already posted a lot of essential vocabularies related to different topics. In the article below you will find English vocabularies and phrases related to newscasting & media.

English Vocabularies and Phrases Related to Newscasting & Media


TidingNewsI am the bearer good tidings.
wordA single unit of language which means and be spoken or written.Do not write more than 200 words.
newsworthinessquality of being interesting enough to the public to be reported in news bulletinsNoting very newsworthy happened last week.


The ability to learn, understand and think in a logical way about something.He didn’t even have the intelligence to call for an ambulance.
news program


Program related to a news.He is preparing for the news program tonight.
news show


Show related to the news.He is working as a host in the news show.


Newspapers and magazinesThe story was reported in the press and on television.


The main ways that large numbers of people receive information.The trial was fully reported in the media.


The act of publicly informing people.Today’s announcement of a peace agreement came after weeks of discussion.


A short news reported on the radio or television.A bulletin on the president’s health.


A person who collects and reports news for newspaper, radio or television.A reporter from the New York Times.


The title of a newspaper article printed in large letters.They ran the story under the headline “Home at last.”


To give people information about something that you have heard, seen, done etc.The findings are similar to those reported in previous studies.


A description of events and people that the writer or speaker has invented.A story about time travel.


A report or broadcast that gives the most recent information about something.We are watching a news update.


A set of large printed sheets of paper containing news, articles, advertisements.I read about it in the newspaper.


A line or block of text that is automatically added to the bottom of every page.The footer gives the page number of the document.


An act of hitting the ball with your head.The header gives the page number and date of the news.


The presenting of and writing about news on television.Accurate/balanced/objective reporting.
briefing Detailed instructions or information that are given.Captain Trent gave his men a full briefing.
DeadlineA point in time by which something must be done.I prefer to work to a deadline.
newscastA news program on radio or television.Tonight we have an interesting newscast.
television A piece of electrical equipment with a screen on which you can watch program with moving pictures and sounds.A widescreen television.
information Facts or details about somebody/something.A source of information.
ViewersA person watching television.The program attracted millions of viewers.
developments The gradual growth of something so that it becomes more advanced stronger.A baby’s development in the womb.
CrowdA large number of people gathered together in a public place.A small crowd had gathered outside the church.
WeatherThe condition of the atmosphere at a particular place and time, such as the temperature.Did you have good weather on your trip?
coverageThe reporting of news and sport in newspapers and on the radio and television.Tonight’s live coverage of the hockey game.
infoInformationHave you had any more info about the job yet?
journalism The work of collecting and writing news stories for newspapers.I’d like a career in journalism.
journalisticConnected with the work of a journalist.His journalistic background.
journeymanA person who has training and experience in the job but who is only average at it.He has vacancies for many journeymen.
journalist A person whose job is to collect and write news stories for newspapers or etc.A journalist specializing in legal issues.
omen A sign of what is going to happen in the future.A good/bad omen.
releaseSet somebody/something freeDeath released him from his suffering.
RelegationThe fact of a sports team, especially a football team.Teams threatened with relegation.
Windy  With a lot of wind.It’s too windy to go out in the boat.
message A written or spoken piece of information, etc.There were no messages for me at the hotel.
surprise An event, a piece of news, etc.A surprise attack.
scoop A piece of important or exciting news that is printed in one newspaper.I got the inside scoop on his new girlfriend.
facts Used to refer to a particular situation that exists.I could no longer ignore the fact that he was deeply unhappy.
newsletterA printed report containing news of the activities of a club or organization that is sent regularly to all its members.Our sailing club produces a monthly newsletter.
AbortStopIf the wrong password is given the program aborts.
Accord:agreementThe two sides signed a peace accord last July.
Anoint:ChooseThe priest anointed her with oil.
Assimilate:to take in, fit into, or become similarThe committee will need time to assimilate this report.
Berate:to criticize or speak in an angry manner to someoneShe berated herself for being a bad mother.
Chastised:to criticize someone severelyHe chastised the team for their lack of commitment.
Conceptual:based on ideas or principlesA conceptual model.
 Consortium:an organization of several businesses or banks joining together as a group for a shared purposeThe Anglo-French consortium that built the channel tunnel.
Contemplate:observe or study thoughtfullyTo contemplate your future.
Decapitating:to cut off the head of a person


His decapitated body was found floating in the canal.
Deficits:InsufficiencyThe trade balance has been in deficit for past five years.
Delegate:a chosen personCongress delegates rejected the proposals.
Deploy:to use something in an effective way


She rejected the arguments that had been deployed against her.
Dissidence:disagreementThe suppression of dissident views.
Enclave:a group of people different than its surroundingThe northern part of the city is Christian enclave.
Enunciate:to pronounce words clearly, explainHe enunciated his visions of the future.
Envisage:To conceive an image of a future possibilityIt is difficult to envisage how people will react.
Emphatic:said in a strong wayAn emphatic denial/rejection.
Exploit:use well, use something unfairlyHe exploited his father’s name to get himself a job.
Extravagant:spending or doing more than necessaryShe has very extravagant tastes.
Galvanizes:to cause someone to suddenly take actionA galvanized bucket.
Grievances:a complaintThese interviews aim to deal with individual grievances.
Harmonious:friendly and peacefulA harmonious combination of colors.
Hover:suspended in the airA full moon hovered in the sky.
Hurl:to throw something with a lot of forceHe hurled a brick through the window.
Incentive:something which encourages a person to do somethingThere is no incentive for people to save fuel.
Incumbent:officially having the named position, necessaryThe present incumbent of the White House.
Inflation:the continuous increase in pricesThe annual rate of inflation fell to 0.1% in 2018.
Ostracized:to exclude from a groupHe was ostracized by his colleagues for refusing to support the strike.
Parish:to die, to suffer destructionA family of four perished in the fire.
Pertain:to have reference or relationThose laws no longer pertain.
Pledge:a serious or formal promiseThey recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Precedence:act or fact of precedingEnvironmental concerns must be given precedence over commercial interest.
Prevail:to get control or influenceWe were horrified at the conditions prevailing in local prisons.
Quintessentially:TypicallyA sense of humor that is quintessentially British.
Rabid:irrationally extreme in opinion or practiceRabid right-wing fanatics.
Revitalize:to give new lifeMeasures to revitalize the inner cities.
Revoke:to take back or withdrawYour license may be revoked at any time.
Sprout:to develop or grow quicklyNe leaves sprouting from the trees.
Substantially:large in size, value or importance, basic or essentialThe costs have increased substantially.
Sway:ControlVicky swayed and fell.
Tariff:the schedule or system of duties so imposedA general tariff was imposed on foreign imports.
Inalienable:unable to be removedThe inalienable right to decide your own future.
Upsurge:a sudden increase in somethingAn upsurge in violent crime.
Vault:something likened to an arched roofMost of her jewelry is stored in bank vaults.
Venerable:deserving respect because of age, high position etc.A venerable old man.
Vie:to compete with other peopleThe boy would vie with each other to impress her.
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