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English Words Relating to Employment

English Words Relating to Employment
English Words Relating to Employment

You can talk about employment opportunities and share your experiences with any job interviews you have had. You can also discuss the predicted future of employment in your country. Ask your friends, turn by turn, about the condition of work opportunities in your country. English words relating to employment below could be used beside your own vocabulary while conversing about the topic.

English Words Relating to Employment




Job interview Noun A formal meeting with someone who is being considered for a job or other position.
Meet the requirements
of a company
Phrase To be qualified for a position within a company.
Job opportunity Noun The availability of employment.
He / She got a raise Common
He / She got an increase in the amount of his/her pay.
1.Boss/2.Employer Nouns 1. The person whose job is to tell other workers what to do/2. A person or company that has people who do work for wages or a salary


Noun A person who works for another person or for a company for wages or a salary.
Qualification Noun A special skill or type of experience or knowledge that makes someone suitable to do a particular job or activity.
Reference Noun A person who can be asked for information about another person’s character, abilities, etc.
1.Salary/2.Wage Nouns 1. An amount of money that an employee is paid each year A salary is divided into equal amounts that are paid to a person usually once every two weeks or once every month. 2.An amount of money that a worker is paid based on the number of hours, days, etc., that are worked
A wage of $14 an hour = an hourly wage of $14
Nouns A short document describing your education, work history, etc., that you give an employer when you are applying for a job —called also (chiefly British) curriculum vitae (CV).
What is your current
What do you do for a living/for work?
We offer benefits Common
Benefits are something extra (such as vacation time or health insurance) that is given by an employer to workers in addition to their regular pay (The job doesn’t pay much, but the benefits are good.
Bonus Noun An extra amount of money that is given to an employee.
Promoting/promotion Noun The act of moving someone to a higher or more important position or rank in an organization.
Equal Employment
Noun Equal Employment Opportunity means equal access to jobs and benefits and services for all employees.
Work Force Noun The people engaged in or available for work, either in a country or area or in a particular company or industry.

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