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Freedom With Limitation is No Freedom – Debate/ Speech for Students

In the article below you will find two written debates for the title freedom with limitation is no freedom. For every debates different commencements and different points are written. You can choose your favorite debate and deliver it at your school or college.


In little joys, In all the joys and the peace, there is always one name on my mind, whenever I sit in the dark, whenever I unwind, It’s only God that I see everywhere, coz he is in every part, Day and night I remember him, from my Loving heart…Thank you, God, for everything.

Honorable chief guest, the panel of Juries, Respected Madam, Respected Teachers, and shining audience good afternoon. I warmly welcome you all in this auspicious gathering where I am glad to share my views about the given notion.

Debate 01: Freedom with limitation is No Freedom

I disagree with this title because limited freedom is real and desirable freedom that is accepted by many nations and cultures in the world.

Respected Madam

Let me explain freedom. Freedom generally is having the ability to act or change without constraint. A thing is free if it can change its state easily and is not a constraint in its present state. Freedom is limited but not restrictive because it is conditional. Unlike a free will, where you can do anything you want literally, right or wrong.

Honorable Chief Guest

Freedom comes with responsibility. Anyone can say and do whatever they like, as long as their deed doesn’t hurt themselves or violate others, that is the condition. Freedom must offer choices freedom to believe, to choose, to love, to own for women, for children, for the people, for the world. We can’t give somebody unlimited freedom because then it would intervene/disturb others’ freedom.                                                               

For example, my neighbors want to exercise their freedom to turn their music up to insane levels which deprives me of my freedom to sit in my apartment and read quietly without a racket pounding in my head. Another neighbor would exercise her freedom to park her car in such a way to take up parts of two parking spaces, leaving one less for everyone else. We all have restraints and responsibilities.

Panel of Juries

Freedom in a political context means freedom from government coercion. It doesn’t mean freedom from the landlord, or freedom from the employer, or freedom from the laws and nature which do not provide the men with automatic prosperity. It means freedom from the coercive power of the state.

Shining Audience

 All societies put limits on freedom, even the most democratic, human rights supporting ones. It’s a necessity, not all actions can be allowed in a functioning society because some are destructive or oppressive to the right and well-being of others.                          

You can’t murder or injure someone because they make you angry. You can’t use an excuse to kill, injure, steal from, deny employment, health care, and housing to someone. Moreover, you can’t spread lies about someone. You can’t defraud someone, you can’t pollute the environment because it will make people sick and you can’t beat your spouse, children, or parents. Unfortunately, many of these forbidden things are happening.

Respected Teachers

I use the analog of sports. Think about your favorite sports, think about how it plays, the way the players move, the setup of the field, or court, the way the points are scored. The game is fun and interesting because of the rules. If we take the rule book and start crossing out various rules the game would change, the players would adapt to the new conditions, new strategies would evaluate, new methods of moving would emerge. The game would be different. The rules make the game.    

Society and cultures, like this we live by a certain set of rules we call laws. Their laws may restrict our freedom in some cases but they increase in another different sense. They make the game of life enjoyable to play. That’s why our freedom should be limited and with rules.

 In conclusion, I would like to say that freedom with limitations is better and more desirable because we want life, society, and culture to be in a certain way. Law and other restrictions support the shape, the game, and freedom we want to live with.


Debate 02: Freedom with limitation is No Freedom

Commencement: To start with the greatest name of Almighty Allah, who created the universe, the sun, and the moon. Who runs the rivers, lakes and who runs the clouds full of rain. Who sparkles stars in the sky. O, Allah! We ask you to protect us against evils and crimes.

Respected Sir, Madam, honorable guests, the panel of jury, ladies and gentlemen. A warm good afternoon. I welcome you all to this auspicious gathering where I am glad to share my views about “Freedom with limitation is no freedom.” I disagree with this title because limited freedom is a form of freedom.

Shining Audience

Let me explain freedom. Freedom is the state of being free and liberty rather than being in confinement or under physical restrain. Freedom is the power and right to act, speak or think as one wants. Freedom is the state of being imprisoned or enslaved. You can understand the word “Freedom” only when you come out after all the hurdles, obstacles, cages, restrictions, and anything that stop you from the things you want to do otherwise it’s just a word made up of seven letters. It is neither limited nor unlimited.

Honorable Guests

A question arises that, should freedom be limited? Of course, yes! Although I strongly agree that freedom brings so many benefits to our society, but living in a freed country doesn’t mean you can do anything that you want without any rules. Freedom must be limited otherwise people will use this chance to abuse people such as bullying, aggressing, rifling, etc. They’ll use freedom for their own benefits, it would impinge upon others’ freedom to do something without interference and has a negative effect on society’s members.

Respected panel of Jury

As I understand, this example may be specific to certain states more generally, think of speed limits on roads. Most countries will have speed limits on roads, so if there is a danger to public safety due to an unlimited speed limit, governments would no doubt have to legislate to bring in speed limits. Finally, all the rules and regulations, and limited freedom will produce a safer and calm country for ourselves. Laws are for the protection of people and they are made to curb and savage not to be broken. So, if we want to feel real freedom we must have some limitations and restrictions.

Respected Teachers

You live, but in living you are confined to a body not of our own doing, and at the end of that confinement you are condemned to die. We are limited from birth. Perhaps, freedom is an illusion, a wannabe and partial objective that never really materializes. Socially, your freedom is limited by others’ freedom. I am not free to enter anyone’s house without permission because they must not be free to enter mine. Therefore, do not abuse the social limits of your freedom.

Freedom is a universal human desire and limited freedom is a force for peace and prosperity in the world. Freedom is defined by the independence of either action or thought. Thus, limited freedom is a form of freedom that can be used for the protection and safety of people.

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