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Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous Exercises

Do the future perfect or future perfect continuous exercises below by putting the verbs into the correct form, future continuous and future perfect.

Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous Exercises
Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous Exercises

Future Perfect or Future Perfect Continuous Exercises


Jack: Have you been watching the Eco-Challenge on TV?
Janet: Isn’t that exciting? It has got to be the most unbelievably difficult sporting event in the world.
Jack: I know. By the time they finish the course, they (raft)_______________ more than 150 miles down a raging river, (hike)_____________ through 80 miles of jungle, (climb)_____________ a volcano and (kayak)_______________________ through shark-infested waters.
Janet: And don’t forget that they (move) ________________________for at least eight days straight.


Oliver: When are you going to get your bachelor’s degree, Anne?
Anne: I am going to finish my degree next June. By the time I graduate, I (go)_________________ to four different colleges and universities, and I (study)_________________ for more than seven years.
Oliver: Wow, that’s a long time!
Anne: And I plan to continue on to get a Ph.D.
Oliver: Really? How long is that going to take?
Anne: By the time I finally finish studying, I (be)_____________________ a student for over 13 years.


Max: Sarah has been in the kitchen all day long.
Jake: It doesn’t sound like she’s having a very good Thanksgiving.
Max: She (cook)____________________ for over seven hours by the time everyone arrives for dinner this afternoon. Hopefully, she (finish) _______________________ everything by then.
Jake: Maybe we should help her out.


Mike: It’s 6:00, and I have been working on my essay for over three hours.
Sid: Do you think you (finish)_________________ by 10:00? There’s a party at Donna’s tonight.
Mike: I (complete, probably)______________ the essay by 10:00, but I (work)________________________ on it for more than seven hours, and I don’t think I am going to feel like going to a party.


Fred: By the time they finish their trip across Yosemite National Park, they (hike)    ________________________ for more than six days.

Ginger: And they (be, not)______________________in a bed or (have)____________________________ a shower in almost a week!
Fred: When we pick them up, they (eat)___________________________ camping food for days, and I am sure they will be starving.
Ginger: I think we had a better plan on taking them directly to a restaurant.

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