Future Perfect Tense Exercises With Answers

Future Perfect Tense Exercises With Answers
Future Perfect Tense Exercises With Answers

We have already talked about future perfect tense usages and sentences structures. in the article below we have prepared future perfect tense exercises with answers to be helpful for ESL students and teachers. Initially, you have to go for the exercises than check your answers compare to the correct answers given.

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Future Perfect Tense Exercises

Exercise 1:

Fill in the verbs in parentheses in future perfect tense.
1) Anne____________________________________ her bike next week. (repair)
2) We______________________________________ the washing by 8 o’clock. (Do)
3) She_____________________________________ Paris by the end of next year. (Visit)
4) I_____________________________________ this by 6 o’clock. (Finish)
5) Sam________________________________ by next week. (Leave)
6) She__________________________________ this with her mother tonight. (Discuss)
7) The police_________________________________ the driver. (Arrest)
8) They________________________________________ their essay by tomorrow. (Write)
9) Paolo ______________________________________ the teams. (Manage)
10) If we can do that – then we______________________________________ our mission. (Fulfil)

Exercise 2:

Make sentences in the future perfect tense:
1) I_______________________________________ (leave) by six.
2) Will __________________________________ (you/finish) the report by the deadline?
3) When _________________________________ (we/do) everything?
4) She __________________________ (finish) her exams by then, so we can go out for dinner.
5) You______________________________________ (read) the book before the next class.
6) She _________________________________________ (not/finish) the work by seven.
7) When_______________________________________ (you/complete) the work?
8) They ____________________________________ (arrive) by dinner time.
9) We __________________________________ (be) in London for three years by next week.
10)________________________________________ (she/get) home by lunch time?

Exercise 3:

Make sentences in the future perfect tense.
1) _________________________________ (you/do) everything by seven?
2) We _______________________ (not/eat) before we come, so we’ll be hungry.
3)____________________________ (he/finish) his exams when we go on holiday?
4) __________________________________ (we/arrive) by the time it gets dark?
5) How long _____________________________________ (you/know) your boyfriend when you get married?
6) He_____________________________________ (not/complete) the project by July.
7) I ________________________________ (not/finish) the essay by the weekend.
8) Why ________________________________ (she/finish) the cleaning by six?
9) How long ____________________ (you/be) in this company when you retire?
10) They ________________________________________ (not/go) at six.


Exercise 1.Exercise 2.Exercise 3.
1. will have repaired1. will have left1. Will you have done
2. will have done2. you have finished2. will not have eaten
3. will have visited3. will we have done3. He will have finished
4. will have finished4. will have finished4. Will we have arrived
5. will have left5. will have read5. will you have known
6. will have discussed6. will not have finished6. will not have completed
7. will have arrested7. will you have completed7. will not have finished
8. will have written8. will have arrived8. will she have finished
9. will have managed9. will have been9. will you have been
10. will have fulfilled10. will she have gotten10. will not have gone

Conversation Using Future Perfect Tense:

S1: Are you going to have learned all of the English tenses by the time you complete the ILP program at EYES?
S2: Yes, I will have learned the English tense plus many other points before I join the IHLP program.
S1: Will you also have improved your spoken English before you join the IHLP program?
S2: Yeah, I`m positive that I will have improved my spoken English as well as strengthened my comprehension by the time I`m done with ILP.
S1: What else will you have learned before you finally graduate from EYES?
S2: I will definitely have learned the practical grammar, accurate pronunciation, the four principle parts of English, and the tips and tricks for the TOEFL iBT test in an academic environment by the time I graduate from EYES.
S1: That`s gonna be a great success!
S2: Yes, you`re right. What about you? Do you still learn English at some ordinary centers?
S1: Yeah, I do, but I`m going to have joined EYES by the time we see each other again.
S2: Good decision! Hope to see you soon then.

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