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Guide to IPA Pronunciation Symbols

Guide to IPA Pronunciation Symbols
Guide to IPA Pronunciation Symbols

What is IPA?

The IPA helps us to pronounce a word correctly. It is a system for representing different sounds with symbols. In addition, learning “IPA” will help you to learn the sound of each letter accurately, especially the vowel sounds. Though we have 5 vowels it makes 15 different sounds, learning IPA will help you to utter words correctly. Below we just guide you to the international phonetic alphabet pronunciation symbols. Read the article thoroughly to be familiar with IPA.  

From: learnersdictionary Merriam-Webster

Guide to IPA Pronunciation Symbols

æ a
sk, bat, glad
ä cot, bomb, caught, paw
ɛ bet, fed
ə about, banana, collide
I very, any, thirty
i ea
t, bead, bee
ɪ i
d, bid, pit,
ʊ foot, should, put
u boot, two, coo
ʌ u
nder, putt, bud
ɚ or ɜː merge, bird, further
ght, wade, bay
ce, bite, tie
t, gown, plow
ster, coil, boy
t, own, zone, blow
or ɑɜː car, heart, bizarre
or eɜː bare, fair, wear
or iɜː near, deer, mere, pier
or oɜː boar, port, door, shore
or uɜː boor, tour, insure

b b
aby, labor, cab
d d
ay, kid
ʤ j
ust, badger, fudge
ð th
en, either, bathe
f foe, tough, buff
g g
o, dagger, bag
h h
ot, ahead
j yes, vineyard
k lacquer, flock, skin
cat, keep, account
l law, hollow
pedal, battle, final
pool, boil
m m
at, hemp, hammer, rim
n n
ew, tent, tenor, run
button, satin, kitten
rung, hang, swinger
p lapse, top, lip, speed
pay, pet, appear
r rope, arrive
s sad, mist, kiss
ʃ sh
oe, mission, slush
mat, stick, late
toe, attack
ɾ later, catty, riddle
batch, nature
ʰ chose, chin, achieve
θ thin, ether, bath
v v
at, never cave
w wet, software
z zoo, easy, buzz
vision, azure, beige
ʔ button, kitten, satin

In the table above you became familiar with IPA symbols, I recommend you to check the pronunciation of these symbols by clicking here.

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