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How to Use So and Such

How to Use So and Such
How to Use So and Such

How to Use So and Such


So is an adverb which means very or to this degree. We use so + adjective or adverb phrase to show the effect or result.

So + adjective/adverb + that…….

The structure (so+adjective/adverb+that…….) is used to show cause and effect or reason and result.

                                           Subject +be + so +adjective + that + ROTS

  • The weather is so cold that no one wants to go outside today.
  • Our English class is so interesting that all of my classmates love it.
  • My brother is so polite that everyone in our village likes him.
  • My father was so angry that everyone in the family was trying to avoid him.

                                           Subject+ verb + so+ adverb + that + ROTS

  • Jamal studies so hard that he always gets the highest score in his class.
  • He drives so fast that I am afraid he may have a bad accident one day.


Such is a determiner. We use such + noun phrase to talk about cause and effect or reason and result.

Remember: We use such not so, before noun even if there is an adjective before a noun. (Such + a/an/adjective + noun + that…)                        

                                         Subject + be + such + a/an + adjective + noun + that + ROTS

  • Jamal is such an intelligent student that his whole family is proud of him.
  • A lingua is such a good system that everyone loves to join Learn ESL.
  • Quetta is such a crowded city that all people hate commuting in it.

Remember: If the noun which comes after adjective is plural, the indefinite articles (a/an) are not used in the sentence.

                                         Subject + be + such + adjective + noun + ROTS

  • Americans are such brave people that none of the nations on the earth can beat them in face to face war.
  • Jamal and Ali are such polite students that all teachers in our school like them.

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