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How to Write a Definition Essay in English

How to Write a Definition Essay
How to Write a Definition Essay

What is a definition essay? From this word, it is clear that this word means to define or describe something or any topic. A definition essay requires you to write your own definition of a word and discuss it. The definition must be complete and well written. Mostly, high school students, college students, and university students have to write this type of essay. I know that writing a definition essay is very difficult but this can be your assignment, therefore try to learn how to write down a definition essay instead of watching drama serials and movies. And it is the best task for improving writing skills too.

You have to follow all the basic rules of writing. Like, start with choosing a suitable word then create an outline that should help you arrange all your collected data together from different sources. Then polish the essay when you are done so that it flows well and does not contain any sort of errors. Choose a word that should give you plenty to write about and your definition essay must be lengthy and complete. I have listed some great tips and tricks for you guys to help you write an amazing definition essay. So here are some guidelines below to keep in mind while writing a definition essay.

How to Write a Definition Essay

1. Choose a word you are familiar with and has a variety of meanings

Try to pick up a word which should have plenty to write about or should create an idea or concept in the mind of the people. Like “Feminism”, “Justice” or ” Patriotism”. These are the words that create an idea right after you look at them. And by the help of that, you can create your own definition of the word and can discuss them by sharing even your own experiences or can search for them in different resources. So what I mean by an appropriate word is that it must have a wide range and plenty of things to discuss.

Try to pick up a word that you have some basic understanding of it or you know somehow about it. These sorts of words will make your writing way easier. For instance, you can pick a word like success and can define it the way you want because it is a word which we all are familiar with and that’s what makes it easy for us to define it. You can express how being successful feels like or how can we become successful in our lives? Or you can choose a word like a relationship, almost every individual is familiar with this word because it is something which means a lot for them and knowing about this word has become very important for every individual. People want to know how you define it and how can we maintain our relationship with a stranger? So these types of words can help you create your own definition easily and can help you gain your audience’s attention.

In addition, make sure the word you choose has different meanings and can be discussed from different aspects. Because sometimes, a single word has different meanings and different effects on people. These words will help you open a lot of rooms and extend your writing in an open and big room. For instance, if you select the word pain, then you will receive a good impression from the teacher and people. Because the word pain has a variety of meanings based on how different people experience it in their lives.

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2. Look for the complete word definition in the dictionary

Start your writing by perceiving the official definition of the word and for that use the dictionary for looking up after its meaning. First, try to note down the structure of the definition and the way the writer has explained the word. With the help of the dictionary, you can find the word’s synonyms too. If you find synonyms of the word, then your work will become way easier.

3. Search for articles and videos that discuss the word

There are several videos about each English word and vocabulary in YouTube. If you find one of those videos, then you can be able to choose an appropriate word with the help of their guidelines too. On the other hand, there are many articles and blogs out there on different websites that discuss different words with their structure, meaning, and sentences. Articles are the best source of information and online YouTube videos are nowadays on trending, so how can you miss them. Some websites with the help of which you can find suitable words for discussion. Google Scholar, ProQuest, and JSTOR.

4. Discuss your personal definition

After collecting all the information needed from different sources altogether, you have to discuss the word personally. What I mean by discussing personally is that you should share your childhood experiences related to the word you are writing about. Or you can share your close family member’s experience too and can explain them with some sentences to make the word way more clear and organized. For instance, you can write about the word justice as, Based on my personal experience, I think that justice is blind and often does injustice with the one who stands and take action for supporting it. So you can start your definition somehow like this.

5. Support your points with the references

Include all the information that you have collected from different sources and prove to everyone that your definition essay is not less than any other writer. The best method to support your definition essay is to include a quotation in your writing. The quotation can be from any famous writer or from any journal and article, all matters are how you use it.

6. Revise the essay

Finally, you have to take the time to review your essay for clarity and flow. Remove sentences that give an incomplete sense or are unclear to the reader. the main purpose of revising a written statement is to prepare it for the final step means for submission. And to make sure everything is all set without any errors or to look up if any point is missing. If any point is missing, then in this step you can add the point and if any point is extra, then you can remove it.

Some of you might have heard about the definition essay for the first time and you might think that writing a definition essay is very difficult. But in fact, it is very easy for those who follow the rules and move accordingly with them step by step. If you also want to learn how to write a definition essay, then try your best and follow what I have suggested. What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in the article? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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