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How to Write an Autobiography in English

How to Write an Autobiography in English
How to Write an Autobiography in English

At some point in your education or your career, you will be required to make a presentation about yourself or to write an autobiography as an assignment. Some people will welcome the opportunity to share their own personal experiences, while others will dread it. If you don’t the steps, follow the step by step guide on how to write an autobiography in English.

How to Write an Autobiography in English

An autobiography is written by the subject him or herself. An authorized biography is written with the cooperation of family and heirs or if the subject is alive. So, concentrate on the article

How to start writing an autobiography?

Make a list of potential paper topics. While an autobiography may be a linear tale of your life, it can also focus on an overarching theme. The topics may include life lessons you learned by traveling, your childhood, your marriage or other specific events and periods. Make a list of events you know you can write about thoroughly and coherently.

Write your autobiography with an interesting leading first sentence. This will reel the readers in and make them interested in continuing with your story. Introduce yourself to your readers. State your name, birthplace, and age.

Introduce your theme in the beginning. For example, you may want to say, “I realized more about myself when I moved to Mexico than ever before. It all started when I touched down in Mexico City airport…”

This gives the reader a desire to find out what happened next. Continue by elaborating on some of the events you believe changed your life and made you realize more about yourself.

Sample Autobiography of an Old Shoe

I have a strange history behind my worn-out condition. I was a part of the skin of a beautiful cow that grazed happily in a green pasture. She became old and was slaughtered and skinned by a catcher. It was a very painful moment for me. The skin was lay in a go down for a couple months. One day a man purchased me as well as one other piece of bright leather. He took us to his factory which prepared shoes. His workers cut us into various pieces. We were made to pass through different machines until I become a shoe with a beautiful heel. A sole and a tore. I along with another of my shape and size. Was packed in a cardboard box and dumped into a big go down. A shoe merchant purchased us and took us to his hop. We lay there for a few days. One day when customers came we were brought out and tried on their feet. But for some days the bargain could offer. One day a man came into the shop, he selected us. Paid the price and took us home. He was a rich man. We moved on carpets and clean marble floor and traveled in comfortable motor cars. We were polished by his servant daily, our owner had many pairs of shoes. So he used us rarely. Most of the day we lay on a shelf. I was anxious to travel abroad but there was no hope so long as he possessed us.

After a few months our graves as to one his servants. In the beginning,g he polished us daily and wore us throughout the day. I was happy because I had a chance to see the world around me. But my happiness was short lived. Now the brightness of my face was gone. My body was disfigured.

One day we were lying in the courtyard of my owner’s house. Suddenly a dog came up to use.  He sniffed ay my companion. Lifted him with his teeth. And quietly went away. I was left alone. Since then I have been lying in a corner weeping at my miserable condition.

Sample Autobiography of a Mobile Phone

Tiring tiring tiring! I ring when someone calls you. I ring anywhere, if, you have a call. You use me as a part and parcel of your life. Your children love me as I donate many games to them.

I am of many types. Can you guess who am I? Yes! I am a mobile phone. I am a delicate mobile. I was manufactured by the apple company in the U.S.A. I am a touch phone. I was shining like the sun. But, now I am fading and am becoming dull. I have many different things that you have fun doing. I am black and silver in color. When I was made, I was packed and shipped to Germany.

I was sent to a mobile showroom, where I was unpacked. I was displayed on a beautiful glass window. I was very costly and so, no one bought me. At last one rich man bought me. The man was very kind. I was in seventh heaven. The man’s name was Ben.

He used me very carefully. I have him many facilities like camera, infinite games, video camera etc. Ben loved me very much. Wherever he would go, I would always be with him. All his friends also admired me. But his son, Tannish, would always play a game in me. One day while he was playing games, I fell into the water. Parts came out of me and I stopped working.

Ben was very upset and immediately took me to a mobile shop. Over there I was repaired and given back to Ben. Ben was on cloud nine. Then he never gave me to his son. He used me very carefully.

But, one day his friend gifted him a new mobile, and he kept me in his cupboard. I am there for the last 4 years, waiting for someone to come an use me.


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