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How to Write an Excellent Story – Story Writing From Introduction to Conclusion

How to Write an Excellent Story?

Writing is tough but writing a story is way harder than that. Every individual can write a story, but no one can write a perfect one without any ups and downs. So our purpose is writing an effective and excellent story that should capture your readers’ attention and keep them waiting for the next part. To create a story that should leave your readers to wait for the next parts, then try to have a look at every single part of your story. Start your story by creating a memorable character and life lessons. For writing an excellent and effective story, you have to struggle a lot, but with the help of this article, you can learn how to write a perfect story. I have listed the best tips on how to write an excellent story. So let’s have a quick look at all of them as follow:

How to Write an Excellent Story?

1. Try to find  interesting characters for your story

A story should be unique so that it should impress everyone and keep them waiting for every other episode of it. So I think that the characters are the only ones who can put a good impact and a good impression of a perfect story. The real spark of your story comes from the character you choose for your story. Because they are that part of the story which is focused on the most. Your concept and ideas depend on them. There are mostly two types of characters in a story, so try to add both of them side by side. Because most people read stories in which villains and innocent characters exist. So it all depends on your character.

2. Create an outline

As I always say that outline helps the writers the most because with the help of it you can know what to add next. And most importantly, you can edit your story by rectifying your mistakes. For writing an excellent story, you have to create diagrams and then summarize each. And this is possible only when you create an outline of your story.

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3. Introduce the characters

You have to spend the first 3-4 paragraphs introducing your characters and set the scene on. Story writing is just like a movie. Have you ever watched movies or dramas? Yeah, of course, you have. In movies, you might have seen that they first start their story by introducing their characters and the location where the characters live. And you know that most of the movies are liked because of their starting or the theme of the story. Or the way they are started or shown. If you don’t introduce everything that is going to happen or is included in your story, then the viewer or the reader will get bored. And will not pay attention to your stories ever again. So be careful with this part.

4. Create problems

After introducing your characters and everything, then come to the next part of your story. The next step is creating problems for your characters. You all know that there is not any story which should not have any problems with it. Of course, it is a must in a story because it is the point where you can get more attention from your audience. It will create excitement in your audience for knowing the next part of the story and the way the character reacts to it. Maybe one of your audiences is facing the same problem so that person will feel the story and will keep waiting for its solution. That is the moment when you can grab the attention of your audience.

5. Put a rising action

Show the audience how to solve the problems and how the characters solved those problems. For making your story more interesting, then create some more challenges for your character is and slowly move towards the climax of the story. This will help you create suspense in the readers’ minds before they get to know what happened next.

6. Build a climax for the story

The climax is the peak of the story. Create a situation that should force your character to fight against the problems and face them. And have a good moral for the readers. And in the climax of the story, the characters either win or lose. You have to choose between these two situations very carefully according to the challenges you have created.

7. Come to the conclusion with a good moral

In story writing conclusion of it is known as falling action. So the falling action of your story must be in a way that should leave your readers thinking about the morals of it. And try to keep your falling action short and interesting.

8. Revise the story

The most important and difficult part of story writing is revising it a second hand. So for that, you can take help from your siblings or friends too. You can give them to review it and give feedback about your story. The importance of reviewing the story is rectifying the errors from it and including the things in case missing.

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So these were all the possible tips for writing an excellent and perfect story. As we all know that writing is not an easy task and it can not be done by every individual. Then story writing is way harder than writing a simple blog or journal because it needs a lot of time, effort, and thinking power. We come to this conclusion that everything needs efforts and hard work so the only thing that we have to pay attention to is doing better.

What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in this article? Do you guys know about any other tips and tricks that should help others write a perfect story? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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