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How to Write The Best Study Plan For a Scholarship

How to Write The Best Study Plan

Before going to explain the steps of how to write the best study plan, initially, you have to know what a study plan is.

A study plan at a school, college or university is a summary of the subjects which indicates when planned subjects should be studied. The study plan shows which subjects you have studied, you are studying and which you plan to study in the future. Or simply it’s the schedule or timetable which indicates your study plan.

When you write a study plan when applying for a scholarship then it’s different from a usual study plan of school students.

In fact, writing a good study plan when applying for a scholarship is an important aspect that creates more chances for the applicant to be accepted, moreover, it creates a sense of accountability in your learning process.  Hence, creating a good study plan by listing your learning goals as well as study time is vital in getting your application to proceed.

When you are asked to write a study plan for when you apply for a scholarship, you may follow the following steps to write a good study plan.

How to Write The Best Study Plan For a Scholarship

Step 1. Write About Biography

It’s important to write briefly about yourself in the first paragraph. They want to know who are you and what you have studied. Write briefly about the biography and about your qualifications in the first paragraph.

Step 2. Your Main Educational Goals

In the second paragraph, you may indicate your main education goals, what you want to study and why you want to study this course. Explain your long term goals when you completed the course.

Step 3. Write Why You Choose This Course & This University

Explain the reasons why you choose the course you want to study and get your degree from. Also, tell them why this university is a good fit for you.

Step 4. Discuss The Detailed Study Plan

Discuss your further research and study plan in detail. For how many years you will be studying and divide each year with a specific study plan and research. Through this time what you will focus on and how do you manage your study.

Step 5. Explain Your Plan After Graduation

The scholarship committee wants to know your goals after graduation whether you are having a strong goal and you are a strong applicant or not. They want to know your long term goals after graduation, what would you do when you complete the course.

Step 6. Concluding Your Study Plan

Conclude your study plan with a short summary. Thank the scholarship committee for giving this opportunity to you and tell them if you are selected for this scholarship their trust will not be wasted.

As an illustration, the sample study plan for a scholarship given below is written just to give you a clue. You may indicate and add more points about yourself and try to be as detailed as possible.

Sample Study Plan For a Scholarship

My name is……………..I was born in the city of _______ in _______. I am a student of ……….University.Write 3 to 5 more lines about yourself.

I become to know about this scholarship a few days ago. I am willing to apply for this scholarship and this would be a good opportunity for me to graduate from (name of the university you apply) with a valid and valuable degree which can help me to give hand to my people in my country.

Why do I choose to apply for this Scholarship and study in this university

The University of _______ is one of the top universities in…………. and it’s IT department is one of the most highly ranked departments as well. Studying in such a first-class IT program is always my dream. I chose this program because nowadays technology plays a vital role in the life of human beings. Knowing about technologies of the day will make me to be updated and have knowledge of the day.

Detailed study plan

I will pursue my IT degree at _______ University of…………… The normal length of the study is about _______. Throughout these five years, my study and research will be focused on _______. The time arrangement of the study plan is listed as follows.

First Year (From – to )

2nd Year

3rd Year

4th Year

My plan after graduation

After graduation, I plan to find a job as an IT manager in my country. Moreover, the knowledge I gain through this scholarship, I would try to spread this knowledge and help people who are interested in this field. Write 3 more lines…..

Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. If I receive this award, I can focus solely on my studies. I will work hard to implement my goals of learning IT and gaining a degree at _______ University and your trust in me will not be wasted.



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