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Learn ESL is a website to help you learn English as a Second Language. Here we do our best to provide the best lessons and articles for people learning English.

Whether you have just started learning English, or you’re at an intermediate level or even an advanced English learner wanting to learn complex topics such as subject-verb agreement, active and passive or improve your writing, we have it all covered here. Moreover, we have great scripts about comparing or anchoring for any event at school, college or university.

How to Get Started

Our expert team is working hard to make this website useful, enthusiastic and provide erudite lessons and information for the people learning English as a second.

To get started, navigate over to the right hand of the page. There you will see a column entitle “Famous Pages.” From the list, you can find some great structures of grammar, such as parts of speech, tenses, conditionals, rejoinders, conjunctions and many more.

Indeed, there are hundreds of grammar rules, but if you have just started learning English, you first need to know some basic rules of the language to help you create your sentences correctly and improve your communication. Here you will find some basic rules of the English language.

When you know some basic rules of English, then you need to focus on intermediate rules. Grammar structures here concentrate on those structures which intermediate students want to use and here the basic grammar structures have been elaborated. Some advanced students who are having a problem will find the intermediate rules useful too.

Finally, in the last section advanced English grammar structures are focused, which are intended for advanced students of English learners. This section focuses on difficult English grammar, on the areas of usage which are often troublesome to non-native speakers of English.

If there’s a particular topic you want to learn more about, but don’t see a heading for it under “Topics”; just navigate to the top right-hand side of the page, and enter your query in the search box.

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I hope you benefit from the site and I hope you brush up your English grammar skills.