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Modified Block Format

Modified block format differs from full block in the placement of the heading, date, complimentary close, signature, and identification lines. These components should all start about halfway across the page, and be aligned vertically. The sample also shows that you begin the paragraphs of a modified block letter with a one-tab or three to five space indentations. You should retain the vertical double space between paragraphs. Although businesses seem to prefer full block format, modified block is acceptable. Many people consider the modified block’s appearance more balanced and traditional.

Example of Modified Block Format

123 Corina Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11235

January 27, 2017
Popona Magazine
115 Eiken Street
New York, NY 10009

Attention: Editor
Subject: Article written by Ms. Tutenberg on January 21

Dear Editor:
On January 23, you published an article by the author Mary Tutenberg, which I found to be very disturbing. Finally, President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton are getting closer to providing Americans with an opportunity to receive health care regardless of age, sexual orientation or economic status. But Ms. Tutenberg does not want to see these health care reforms take place, and so she makes it her ambition to use the health care issue as an opportunity to unjustly attack homosexuals with AIDs, claiming that “the health care plan is nothing but a disguised liberal plot to bring homosexuality and other such deviant behavior into the main stream.”

Being a homosexual, I find Ms. Tutenberg’s homophobic commentary to be extremely offensive, misinformed and unenlightened. To blame any disease on a particular group of people or to punish people for the disease they have contracted is destructive to all Americans both spiritually and physically. In the past, I have purchased your magazine because I found it to be very informative: a magazine that views contemporary issues objectively. If you continue to include such moral majority bigots as Ms. Tutenberg, I will stop buying Popona — and so will a lot of other people.


Mr. Wallace Davis
Registered Nurse

cc: Ms. Tutenberg

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