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New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part B Units 41-80

New American Streamline combines natural language, everyday situations, and extensive practice of all four skills to give students a practical command of simple, spoken English.
Each of the three levels (Departures, Connections, and Destinations) can be used as independently or as a series. Nowadays these books are being used almost in every country to learn English as a second language.
New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part B Units 41-80 is provided for you to be useful, all difficult words of each units are explained with illustration and nature for students who are learning this book to learn ESL.

New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part B Units 41-80
New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part B Units 41-80

New American Streamline Departures Glossary Part B Units 41-80

Unit 41 (Personal Information)
Expiration (n) the ending of date, termination, running out, finish
What is the expiration date on your card?
Airline (n) A company that provides regular flights to take passengers and goods to different places
The international airline is very expensive.
Membership (n)  relationship, connection, association, joining, link, attachment
Do you have membership of the library?
Recreation (n) to do something for enjoyment, hobby, amusement, activity
People use land for recreation.
ID (n) (abv.) Identity Card, identification
I have ID card of the computer lab.
E.S.L (n) English as Second Language
Do you study E.S.L?
Discount (n) Concession, price cut
We have a discount of 20% on all programs.
Personal (adj.)  individual, private, not public, special
That is my personal book.

Unit 42 (where were you?
Trip (n) Travel, Tour, journey, and voyage
Did you have a good trip?
Guard (n) protector, look out, a person whose job is to protect sb/sth
He has a personal body guard.
Bud (n) Friend
Listen bud, I don’t want to hear it.
Employ (v, n)  use, make use of, and provide work for, service
Our center will employ new teachers.
Slope (n) Hill, pitch, a piece of rising ground
They build the town on a slope.
Remember (v) keep in mind, learn by heart, memorize
Do you remember her?

Unit 43 (Vacations)
Vacation (n) Holiday, break, and leave
Last year we went to Ziarat for Vacation.
Fantastic (adj.)  extremely good, excellent, superb, marvelous, fanciful
You are doing a fantastic work.
Ocean (n) deep sea, sea
There are many animals living in the ocean.
Private (adj.) confidential, individual, personal, not public
This is a private building.
Beach (n) seashore, seaside, Coast
They want to go to the beach to play football.
Restaurant (n) eating place, a big hotel where you eat food
Let’s go to a restaurant to eat something.
Grandparent (n)  Parent of your Parent (mother & father)
I love my grandparents.

Unit 44 (Return from Space)
Return (v) comeback, arrival, coming back
I will return tomorrow.
Astronaut (n) a person who goes to space
His father is astronaut.
Journey (n) trip, travel, and voyage
Did you have a good journey?
Serious (adj.) strict, sober, dangerous, sincere, crucial
This problem is very serious.
Certainly (adv.) No doubt, definitely, surely, exactly
Certainly, you will give a good speech.
Tablet (n)  Pill, drug, and capsule
If you are not feeling well, take a tablet.
Wonderful (adj.) very good, amazing, great, brilliant, fantastic
There is a wonderful car outside.
Snack (n) Sharp taste, a little amount of food, usually eaten in a hurry, gnaw
Let’s have a snack I am very hungry.
Supper (n) evening meal, dinner
I will do my homework after supper.
Appointment (n) Meeting, scheduled time, promised time, date
I have an appointment with the doctor.

Unit 45 (Did you get everything?)
Downtown (n)  city center, main business area
He is lives in downtown.
Pool (n) swimming pool, pond
He is swimming in the pool.
Butcher (n)  a person who cuts up meat or beef, slaughterer
His father is a butcher.
Steak (n) a thick slice of beef which is fried, fried meat
Do you like steak?
Roll (v, n) Revolve, fold, a small loaf of bread for one person
Don’t roll your papers.
Almost (adv.)  nearly, approximately, just about
She had almost done her homework.

Unit 46 (In the office)
Report (n,v)  description, statement, and information, to give information
The report was wrong.
Arrive (v) to reach a place especially at the end of a journey
I will wait until they arrive.
Enjoy (v)  get pleasure from something, get fresh from something
I really enjoy the party.
Strange (adj.) surprising, amazing, unusual
She is looking very strange.
Probably (adv.)  perhaps, may be, possibly
Probably, he is going to come.
Advice (n)  suggestion, information, opinion, instruction
You should follow your doctor’s advice.
Mail (v) to send letters or postcards or parcels by post
Did you mail the letter?

Unit 47 (The legend of Willy the kid)
Legend (n) fairy story, a story from ancient times about people, story
The legend was interesting.
Rush (v) to run very fast
He rushed into the bank.
Reply (v) to answer, respond, and take action
I will reply your message tomorrow.
Pull out (v) to take something out, to bring sth out
Pull out the money from your pocket.
Bullet (n) projectile, a small missile with a pointed and sharp end, a kind of weapon used in guns
They killed him by a bullet.
Miss (v) neglect, let pass, escape, ignore
The bullet missed him.
Cowboy (n) a man who rides horses and whose job is to take care of cattle in the western part of US
The cowboy has many dogs.
Afraid (adj.)  frightened, scared, terrified, and fearful
Are you afraid of spiders?

Unit 48 (Foreign vacations)
Foreign (adj.) out of a country, external, abroad
They went to foreign countries.
Lay (v) lie down, rest as sleep, to put down on the floor
They lay the baby down.
Ride (v) to drive, to sit on
They are riding horse.
Tour (v) travel around, visit, and go around
They tour the country.
Shine (v) bright, to give light, flash, sparkle, twinkle
The sun is shining during the day.
Souvenir (n) reminder, gift from someone as memorial, present
His brother brought me a souvenir.

Unit 49 (Survivors)
Survive (v) stay alive, to be alive, having life, to live longer
The birds did not survive the winter.
Survivor (n) a person, who is still living after coming close to death due to any danger
She was the last survivor of the accident.
Crash (v) a noisy accident, to smash into, collision
Two cars crashed on the road.
Cracker (n) a thin dry cake, biscuits
Do you want to have some crackers with tea?
Rescue (v) to save somebody’s life, to protect, to save from danger
She rescued the boy from danger.
Experience (n) understanding, practice, skill, knowledge
He has experience of ten years in teaching.
Franc (n) the coin/currency (money) of France, Switzerland, Belgium etc.
Please borrow me some Franc.

Unit 50 (Fifth Avenue)
Avenue (n) Street, path, road
The hotel is on Fifth Avenue.
Disaster (n) sudden misfortune, failure, any sudden situation, which destroys the area
Thousands of people died in the disaster.
Terrible (adj.) awful, horrible, very bad, serious
I have had a terrible dream.
Perform (v) to do, to do any work, to present any action
A computer can perform very well.
Performance (n) presentation, the act of doing something, showing
The performance starts at seven.
Performer (n) a person who performs/acts, actor
The second performer performed well.
Famous (adj.) well known, popular
One day, I’ll be rich and famous.
Scene (n) picture, view, a part of movie, sight
The movie opens with a scene in a New York.
Orchestra (n) rock band, pop group
She plays the piano in orchestra.
Pit (n) hole in the ground, hollow
They put the body in a pit.
Fall (v) go down, drop, and fall down
The books fall on the ground.

Unit 51 (Talking about the past)
Waiter (n) attendant, a person who serves food in the hotel
I’ll ask the waiter for the bill.
Universal (n) worldwide, complete world, general
Agreement on this problem is almost universal.
Pair (n)  couple, double, two of the same kind
He will buy a pair of shoes.
Goodness (n)  honesty, sincerity, kindness
At least he should have goodness.

Unit 52 (The six o’clock news)
News (n) reports, information
My father always listens to the news.
Earthquake (n) a sudden unusual violent shaking of the earth, trembling, shaking of earth
Last year there was a dangerous earthquake in Quetta.
Destroy (v) to damage, spoil, finish, abolish, disaster
The building was completely destroyed by fire.
Capital (n) most important city of a country.
The capital city of Pakistan is Islamabad.
Snow (n, v) snowfall, water frozen small flat white bits that fall like rain
Children were playing in the snow.
Climber (n) mountaineer, a person who climbs on the mountain
The climbers fall down from the mountain.
Search party (n) a group of people searching especially for lost people, look for
They will send out a search party to find him.
Rehabilitation (n) treatment, a place where patients are treated
They took him to the rehabilitation center.
Patient (n)  a person who is sick, ill
The patient was very upset.
Disabled (adj.)  a person who is not able to work, disable
He was born disabled.

Unit 53 (Twins)
Twin (n) double, two children born of the same mother at the same time, pair
Ali and Ahmed are twins.
Born (adj.) come into being, come in this world newly
He is a born loser.
Adopt (v)  under take, take on, to look for one’s child as our own, to take as one’s own child from others
Mahmood has adopted the baby.
Emigrate (v)  leave your country, to go abroad
Many people immigrated to European countries.
Remove (v) to finish, eliminate, to take away
Please remove the writing.
Appendix (n) a kind of intestine disease, which is taken out by operation
They removed her appendix.
Graduate (v) to get (obtain) degree from college or university level
He has graduated from the university.
Major (adj., v) chief, most important, and main
We have solved major problems.
Paramedic (n) a person who helps doctor of medicine or a nurse in caring of sick
The paramedic saves his life.
Investigate (v) examine, study, consider, research
I will investigate this.

Unit 54 (Dinner with a star)
Star (n, adj.) famous person, personality, and superstar, brilliant, well known
He lived like a star.
Contest (n) competition, challenge
There was a good contest between them.
Bean (n) a kind of grain
Do you like beans?
Frank (adj.) honest and direct
There should be a frank discussion between us.
Wave (v) to move your hands in order to attract sb’s attention.
He waved at his mother & said good bye.
Champagne (n) sparkling wine, a kind of expensive French wine
Soda (n) cold drink, hot drink, glass of something to drink
Wig (n) (موی مصنوعی) hairpiece, unreal hair, and artificial hair on head

Unit 55 (An accident)
Teenage (adj.)  young, age between 13 to 19 years old
He is still a teenage boy.
Final (adj.) last, ending, finishing
They will win the football final.
Attention (n) concentration, observation, notice, thought
You should pay attention when you cross the road.
Opposite (adj.)  reverse, in front of other side, against
They give the answer on opposite page.
Suddenly (adv.)  swiftly, quickly, at once
It happened so suddenly.
Immediately (adv.)  directly, soon, right now, urgently
She answered almost immediately.
Traffic booth (n) stall, a small cabin for traffic police
The traffic was in the traffic booth.

Unit 56 (An investigation)
Investigation (n) research, examination, survey, inquiry
The police have completed their investigation.
Behind (pre.) at the backside
There is a small street behind center.
Attack (v) to jump on, to strike on, and to hit
The man attacked him with a knife.
Attacker (n) a person who attacks, hitter
She did not see the attacker.
Victim (n) the party that has lost the match/ fighting
They are the earthquake victims.
Parking lot (n) parking area or place
Please park your car in the parking lot.
Mask (n) cover on the face which hides the face
The attacker was wearing a mask.

Unit 57 (Pictures from the past)
Visit (v) to go and meet someone, to go and see someone
They visited some special places.
Hobby (n) pass time, an activity likes to do in free time, relaxation
His hobby is playing football.
Awful (adj.)  terrible, very bad, shocking
The film is awful I am going to sleep.

Unit 58 (Miami Police Squad)
Squad (n) group, gang, party, force
They will name their squad for next world cup.
Visit (v) to meet, to go and see friends
You should visit the doctor once.
Discover (v) find out, realize, find, and search
They are working to discover something new.
Nationality (n)  belongs to a special nation, race
The college gives admission to all nationalities.
Hate (v)  dislike, not to love
We hate crime.
Reserve (v) book, to take sth, to safe, to reserve
Has she reserved any room in the hotel?
Accent (n) pronunciation, tone of voice, and the way of pronouncing the words of a language that shows which country a person belongs to.
She has a very good accent in English.
Contact (v, n) gets in touch with, to talk with sb, to communicate with sb, connection
If you have any problem, please contact me.

Unit 59 (Telephoning)
Telephone (v) make a call, give a call, call
You should once telephone him.
Telephone (n) handset, phone
The telephone is ringing please answer it.
Call (v) to speak or say in loud and clear voice, to telephone sb.
The principal told me to call you.
Expect (v)  look ahead to, look forward to, wait for, imagine, and hope
You should not expect anything from him.
Directory Assistant (n) a person who is with lists and registers of all code numbers in the office
If you need our college’s number, you should talk to the directory assistant.
Direct (adj.) straight, non-stop, through
Is there a direct flight to London?
External (adj.) outside, outer, outdoors
The external walls of building are beautiful.
Tone (n)  sound, musical sound for telephones and Mobile
Your mobile has a very low tone.
Access (n) entry, approach, and entrance
They got access from a broken window
Press (v)  push down, force down, to depress any switch
Press the button to open it.
Local (adj.)  area, regional, district
We send our children to a local school.
Require (v)  need, want, and demand
Our school requires a teacher.

Unit 60 (Personal History)
History (n) times past, times gone by, olden times
Our country had a very bright history.
Relative (n)  family member, a member of one’s family
She had invited her relatives to the party.
Nickname (n)  pet name, a name used informally instead of some one’s own name
What is your nickname?
Marital (adj.) wedded, concerning of marriage, married
She is having a lot of marital problems.
Single (adj.)  unmarried, the one who is not married yet, bachelor, only one
He is 35 years old and he is still single!
Astrological (adj.)  information of stars of fate, the sign of stars of luck
He has a lot of astrological information.
Sign (n)  symbol, a standard mark, signature, and indication
This is the sign of star.
Digit (n)  number, any one of the numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5…)
Your mobile number has 11 digits.
Degree (n) level, grade, a title given by university
Water boils at 100 degrees centigrade.
Favorite (adj.) much loved, most wanted, something that we like the most
Who is your favorite writer?

Unit 61 (ON the Moon)
Land (v)  put down, come to rest, set down, to come down from high position
The plane will land in one hour.
Fantastic (adj.) excellent, terrific, fabulous
The movie was fantastic.
Raise (v) move up, lift up
They will raise your salary.

Unit 62 (Where is it gone?)
Terrible (adj.) awful, very bad
This weather is terrible.
Lend (v) loan; to give someone something for the usage till the limited time
Please lend me some money.
Floor (n) one level of a building
Put your notebook on the floor.

Unit 63 (What have you done?)
Wrong (adj.)  incorrect, mistaken, not correct, not right
That definition was wrong.
Watch out! (Adv.) Be careful, to take care of, look at, pay attention to
Watch out! He is firing on you.
Spot (n) mark, blemish, dirty mark on sth, dot
There is a spot on your cloth.
Mop (n) brush, a tool used for washing floors or dishes
Bring the mop, I want to clean the floor.
Coworker (n)  partner, friend, assistant, Helper, a person who helps you
He is my coworker in that company.


Unit 64 (City and Country)
Crowd (n) group, large number of people gathered at one place
There was a good crowd in the city.
Pollution (n)  dirty air, dirty water, dirty soil, corruption and etc.
They were killed because of pollution.
Pollute (v) to make dirty, or to poison sth.
Don’t pollute the environment.
Concert (n)  show, performance, and a musical program given by a number of singers
We had gone to a concert.
Ballet (n) dance, a kind of disco dance.
She wants to be a ballet dancer.
Dull (adj.)  stupid, unintelligent, lazy, boring, and silent
That student was very dull in the class.
Excitement (n)  pleasure, the condition of being very happy, interesting
The movie brought much excitement in him.
Quiet (adj.) silent, no noise, and no tension, out of problems
He is very quiet in the class.
Fresh (adj.)  new, cool, clean
The flower is very fresh.

Unit 65 (Europe Tours)
Tour (n) trip, journey, and visit
I went to a nine day tour.
Principal (adj.)  most important, main, chief
What is the principal reason behind this?
Rock (n)  a type of loud modern music with a strong beat played and electrical guitars and drum
Do you like rock music?
Moment (n) second, right now, at the same time
I think you can come here for a moment.

Unit 66 (Elmer Calls Home)
Call (v)  gives a call, make a phone call
I will call a taxi for you.
Arrive (v)  to reach, to get there, and to drive somewhere
I will wait till they arrive.
Postcard (n) a card used for sending messages by post without an envelope, letters
He sent a postcard for me.
Souvenir (n) reminder, gift, present for some body
His father will bring souvenir for him.

Unit 67 (Have you ever…?)
Overseas (adj.)  out of the country, abroad, in foreign country
The college gives admissions only to overseas students.
Wedding (n) marriage ceremony, wedding ceremony
He brought a wedding gift for them.
Cousin (n) a child of your aunt or uncle
We are cousins.
Neighbor (n) native, a person who lives next to your door, who lives in your street
My cousin lives in the neighbor.
Sushi (n)  a kind of Japanese food
Do you like sushi?
Snail (n)  a small animal with a soft body in the sea
Have you ever seen snails?
Steak (n)  a flat piece of meat especially beef or fish, fried meat
We will have steak tonight.
Alligator (n) a large reptile with a long tail having hard skin and lives in the rivers
Alligators are very dangerous.
Buffalo (n) a large animal of the cow family found in the forests or deserts
I have never seen a buffalo in my life.
Flu (n)  infection, kinds of sickness like getting cold in the winter because of germs
She has got flu.
Ankle (n)  the joint between the food and the leg
He broke his ankle.
Wrist (n)  the joint between the hand and the lower part of the arm
What is on your wrist?
Elbow (n)  the joint where the arm bends especially the out point of this
He rested his elbows on his knees.

Unit 68 (Dr. Finkel’s Invention)
Invention (n)  something that is made new and for the first time, discovery
Fax machine was good invention.
Inventor (n)  creator, a person who makes something new is called inventor, discoverer
He is inventor of this car.
Design (v)  to make a new style of sth, pattern sketching, or to draw sth.
Who will design this dress?
Nonsense (adj.)  foolish, crazy, stupid, a person who understands nothing
This idea is nonsense.
Geography (n)  outline, countryside, layout
Our geography teacher is very kind.
Economical (adj.) using money/goods, trade
This car is very economical for me.
Convenient (adj.)  fitting, suitable, well suit, smart
Sometimes a bicycle is more convenient than car.
History (n) olden times, past time, times gone by
Our country has a very bright history.

Unit 69 (A hard life)
Sympathetic (adj.) kind, honest, feeling kind for sb, compassionate
I have a very sympathetic friend.
Coal mines (n.) a mine from which coal is obtained, mines
His father is working in coal mines.
Obey (v.)  follow, observe, listen to sb, act upon, and do as you told
You should obey what director is saying.
Dust (n.)  soil. Dirt, small soil moving in the air
We should wear masks because of dusts.
Earn (v.) to receive money, to get money for work what you do
He earns 20000 every month.
Retired (adj, v)  stop working, having retired from work, to stop one’s regular job because of oldness
She retired from teaching very early.
Pension (n.)  income, salary after stop working because of oldness or sickness
Do you receive your pension?
Grandson (n.) The son of your son
Ali is his grandson.

Unit 70 (The Trivia Game)
Trivia (n) Truth about many subjects that is used to test one’s knowledge, details
Have you ever played trivia game?
Matter (n)  problem, trouble, difficulty
What is the matter?
Nature (n)  environment, everything is independent like; earth, human being, the weather, plants and animal and etc.
I love nature.
Whale (n) a very large animal which live in the sea, it is like elephant, monster
Whale lives in sea.
Brain (n)  mind, intelligence, and common sense
Human has best brain among all animals.
Transportation (n) carrying of goods from one place to another, transport
There is good public transportation.
Least (adv.) least in the superlative form of “little”, which means very less
Ali has least experience in teaching.

Unit 71 (CN Tower)
Tower (n) a tall narrow building, over look
They went to see tower of London.
Elevator (n) lift which carry people from one floor to another floor, pulley
We went to second floor by elevator.
Height (n) high place, tallness
What is the height of that building?
Dizzy (adj.) having an unpleasant feeling of loss, sill, not feeling well
I feel dizzy when I go to high places.
View (n)  sight, watch, scene, vision, and picture
That had a good view from our building.
Farther (adv) far away, more far, further than
Karachi is farther than Gawadar.
Space (n) gap, distance, plot, and area
There is a space in the floor.
Deck (n) floor, level of building
I was alone on the deck.
Afraid (adj.) scared, terrified, shocked, to feel worry about sth, worried
He is afraid of dogs.
Exciting (adj.) interesting
This match is very exciting.
Structure (n)  construction; make up, organization, arrangement, and building
How is the structure of the building?
Island (n)  a piece of dry land surrounded by water
They live on an island.

Unit 72 (I’ll Do It)
Assistant (n) helper, friend, co-operator, supporter
Mr. Ali is my assistant.
Suggestion (n) Idea, opinion
I have a very good suggestion for you.
Cafeteria (n) canteen, self-service restaurant, teashop
I will wait for you in the cafeteria.
Lend (v) to give something to sb, let somebody use
I will lend you Rs. 2000.
Offer (v) suggest, proposal, to ask somebody to do sth by own self
Computer Section offers admissions in computer courses.

Unit 73 (Comparing Things)
Compare (v) to examine people or things to see how they are similar or different, contrast, to judge two things
Will you compare these books?
Conference (n) a large official meeting, discussion, talks, seminar
The president is in a conference now.
Wave (v)  to flap or shake your hand slowly in the air to attract attention, shake
I waved at him to say good bye.
Convenient (adj.) useful, suitable, well-situated, good-looking, smart
This car is very convenient for me.
Presentation (n) the act of showing sth or giving sth to sb, arrangement, seminar
Your presentation was very good in the class.

Unit 74 (Something, Nothing, Anything, Everything)
Reserve (v) to ask for a seat, put to one side, save, keep back
Did you reserve a room in the hotel?
Funny (adj.) strange, unusual, joking, humorous
This is a very funny story.
Find (v) to discover sth, catch, find out, to get sth.
I cannot find your pen.

Unit 75 (Four lives)
Elementary (adj.) connected with the first stage of course, basic, simple
There is an elementary school in the town.
Career (n) Job, business, employment, occupation
He has a very good career.
Politician (n)  a person whose job is concerned with politics, a parliamentarian, representative
He is a politician.
Congressman (n) a member of congress (meeting) in the US
The congressman man had very good ideas for future.
Lottery (n)  Draw, to test luck, game of chance
He won a lottery.
Luxury (n)  a thing that is expensive and comfortable.
He is living in luxury.
Island (n) a piece of land surrounded by water, desert island
They will not go to that island.
Yacht (n)  ship used for pleasure, cruiser, and ship
They bought a yacht for him.
Take off (v)  to take out (taking off the clothes)
Don’t take off your coat it is very cold.

Unit 76 (An electronic world)
Electronic (n) the machine that are run by electric current E.g. computer, T.V, etc.
I will bring an electronic machine.
Flight attendant (n) a person whose job is to take care of passengers on the aircraft, who bring food for the passengers in the airplane
Please tell the flight attendant to bring some water.
Pardon me (Exp)  could you repeat that? I beg your pardon? What did you say?
Will you pardon me? I did not understand.
Equipment (n) requirement, device, apparatus, things needed
She has good equipment for kitchen.
Landing (n)  the act of arriving or bring to land, bring the airplane on the land
The plane is landing now.
During (pre.) throughout, at that time
You should not disturb me during the class.
Regulations (n) rule, system, laws
You should follow rules and regulations of the Society.
Portable (adj.)  that can be easily carried or move, moveable, transferable, handy
He has a portable TV in his bag.
Micro wave oven (n) an electric stove that cooks or heats food very quickly
They cooked the food in micro wave oven.
Afraid (adj.)  frightened, scared, not pleasant, feeling worry about sth, terrified
Don’t be afraid of anything.

Unit 77 (Battle of the Bands)
Battle (n) contest, competition, challenge
They lost the battle.
Band (n) a small group of musician, pop group, orchestra, rock band
Will you work with our band?
Finalists (n) a person who takes part in the final round of game, competition, those people who are accepted in the final round of the game
We were the finalists in that competition.
Announcer (n) a person who present something, presenter, a person who calls the name one by one and tells the situation of the contest
I am the announcer of this program.
Cheer (v) a shout of joy, to praise, to be happy
Please cheer, we will win the match.
Boo (v)  to shout for the person whom we don’t like, shout of hatred
They were booing when she started talking.
Guitarist (n) a person who plays guitar
He is a guitarist in our band.
Prefer (v) like better, to like something to anything else
I prefer tea for breakfast.
Record (v) history, background, to be the best
You should record what things you buy.
Contract (n) an official written agreement, deal, agreement
He has the contract to build a house.

Unit 78 (The weekly Gazette)
Gazette (n) an official newspaper published by a particular company, smaller than a book, which is published once in a week.
I read this in the evening gazette.
Sensational (adj) excitement of interest, causing great surprise
There is sensational news on the radio.
Jewel (n) a precious stone such as diamond, gold, silver, crystal etc, gemstone
Ladies love jewels.
Rock (n)  a small stone in the mountain
The mountain is full of rocks.
Suspect (adj., v)  imagines, guess, suppose, doubtful, unsure, and suspicious
He is suspect of stealing the money.
Reward (n) prize, bonus, recompense, payment
You will get reward for this job.
Local (adj)  in a certain place, regional, area, district
The local man was stealing the money.
Expedition (n) a journey for pleasure, trip, tour, journey
Three persons of the Everest expedition were killed.
Postpone (v)  put off, delay, push back, rearrange
Do you want to postpone your journey?
Dairy farm (n)  a place where cows are kept and butter and cheese are made
He works in a dairy form.
Bear (v) to tolerate, to accept
I can’t bear this bad behavior.
Bear (n) a heavy animal with sharp claws
I saw a bear in the jungle.
Field (n) grassland, sports ground
He is playing in the field.
Jeans (n)  trousers, pants made of strong cotton, pants
He was wearing jeans.
Tan (adj.) a yellowish brown color
Don’t go under the sun, you will get tanned.
Blond hair (adj) hair, which is light color, pale
She has a blond hair.

Unit 79 (Special Occasions)
Occasion (n)  a particular time when sth happens, a special events, celebration, opportunity
I have met him on many occasions.
Recommend (v)  idea, opinion, suggest, advise, and propose
He recommended her for post of teaching.
Include (v) having as a part, consisting of, take in, with
Your glossary includes examples.
Tulips (n) a large brightly spring flower
Do you like tulip flowers?
Carnation (n) a white, pink or red flower, often grown for decoration
These carnations are very beautiful.
Daffodils (n) a tall yellow flower, open flower
I like daffodil flowers very much.
Cookie (n) a small flat sweet cake for one person, biscuit
If you are hungry, please take some cookies.
Silly (adj) foolish, mad, childish
This is very silly idea.
Present (n) gift, souvenir
He gave a beautiful present.
Offer (v) ask someone to do sth, propose, suggest
We offer admission for all computer courses.
Refuse (v) to say that you will not do sth that sb has asked you, say no, reject
Will you refuse his offer?

Unit 80 (…The End)
Parentheses (n) Bracket
We use brackets in our writing.
Buffalo (n) a large animal of a cow family
Don’t you like buffalo?
Instant (n, adj.) happening at once, immediately, soon, moment, direct
The show was an instant success.
Theme park (n) a large park where people go to enjoy themselves
They will go to a theme park tomorrow.
Suntanned (adj) a suntanned face, black due to sun or heat, sunburned
You have a suntanned face, go to doctor.
Regard (v)  to think about somebody in a particular way, look upon, consider, respect, honor
He regarded us respectfully.

The End!

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