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ParaphrasingTool.ai vs. Spinbot: Which one is Better in Paraphrasing?


Spinbot.com and ParphrasingTool.AI have become two critical tools for writers. So, which one is a better rewriter?

Writing good content requires one to go through many rewrites at a time. Sometimes, revisions are a cause of unachieved goals, and other times, they might be because the original content is simply lackluster.

On the other hand, some experts say that rewriting can help any sort of text better than the original. That’s why many writers turn to tools such as Spinbot.com or ParaphrasingTool.AI to achieve such goals. Since both these tools are remarkably popular, they must be good at rewriting content, right?

That’s what we’re here to find out today, as we’ll be putting them against one another. Therefore, follow along as we test both these tools to the limits and determine which one is best for rewriting.


ParaphrasingTool.AI provides various writing services to its target users, i.e., writers from all facets of life. However, as the name suggests, the primary tool is the paraphrasers that it offers. It’s an astounding tool to help you recreate your content.

It can help you:

  • Rewrite your content
  • Rephrase it for a better tone
  • Fix grammatical and other error

While it does offer a separate grammar checker, the tool itself can fix any of your grammatical problems without any problems.  


Spinbot.com is one of the leading article spinners going around. It also offers paraphrasing services, but even its spinner is used as a paraphraser since they’re not too different. That’s why it’s advertised as a singular paraphraser/spinner.

The primary benefit of using this tool is that it helps you recreate your content without any issues. However, it does offer a limit, unlike ParaphrasingTool.AI. Besides that, the separation of the Paraphrasing tool from the spinner makes it highly convenient.

3 Phases Of Rewriting Content With ParaphrasingTool.AI

Rewriting content with ParaphrasingTool.AI is a straightforward process. Upon visiting the website, you will find out that the tool offers a simplistic UI, with nothing over the top or unnecessary. That’s one of the reasons it has quickly become popular among writers today.

However, in order to understand just how it helps a writer, let’s see the three primary ways it helps them.

1.     Rephrasing Content For Better Tone

Rephrasing the content is one of the most common demands in any sort of writing. In academic writing, the content needs to be rephrased for better delivery. The content needs to provide a stout delivery in online or professional writing.

Here’s an example of a lackluster sentence:

“The problem with the local traffic is their overabundance of vehicles. That’s why the government should promote public transportation services.”

The content lacks conviction. Can ParaphrasingTool.AI make it better?

Apparently, yes, it can. As you can see, the content has changed and employees a better tone than earlier—improving its delivery tenfold.

2.     Rewriting Content To Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is yet another problem that writers face every day. In order to get rid of it, they employ various tactics, and paraphrasing is one of them. Since ParpahrasingTool.AI is one of the leading rephraser today, many writers use it to rewrite their content to avoid plagiarism.

That’s why it’s imperative that we try to change the content with this tool. Here’s a piece of news we took from the internet and changed it using ParaphrasingTool.AI:

As you can see here, the content has changed from its earlier shape. While it might not be enough to avoid plagiarism, running it once more through the tool will ensure that it becomes entirely original.

Since one use took less than 10 seconds, within 20 seconds, you can avoid plagiarism entirely with ParaphrasingTool.AI.

3.     Paraphrasing Content For Better Delivery

Content’s delivery depends on how well the sentence breaks and how it embodies the central idea, then delivers it to the audience. Here’s an example of content that’s not doing it well:

“The idea is to convey the problem to the audience without any delay or hassle so it must be portrayed as such”

This sentence has many problems, including a lack of a specific tone, punctuation errors, using unnecessary words. In other words, it’s a complicated sentence with low readability. So, let’s try to paraphrase it:

Once again, ParaphrasingTool.AI presents us with the idea in a way better manner. This isn’t the only proof that the AI used by this tool is top-notch, but it also identifies specific content tones.

Though it may not give you the option of picking, the way it changes tone on its own doesn’t even need you to pick it.

3 Phases Of Rewriting Content With Spinbot.com

To achieve a fair comparison, it’s imperative that we try and use Spinbot.com for the same purposes. Therefore, we also employed the same content. So, here’s how it went:

1.     Rephrasing Content For Better Tone

Spinbot.com is actually a spinner. This means the tool won’t necessarily change the context but might try to rewrite it. So, does it help us improve the content tone the same way as ParaphrasingTool.AI? Let’s find out:

While it’s not unacceptable, the content tone is actually a little more unnatural. In other words, any native speaker might find the flow difficult to read.

2.     Rewriting Content To Avoid Plagiarism

Avoiding plagiarism by rewriting content with Spinbot is something many writers do today. Here’s why:

As you can see, it turns your content upside down. Therefore, it’s highly efficient at changing your content into something original. However, the same unnatural content tone problem comes into perspective once more.

3.     Paraphrasing Content For Better Delivery

Paraphrasing content to deliver it better is common among writers, and we saw ParaphrasingTool.AI do it eloquently. So, can Spinbot manage the same?

While it does change the content, it’s not exactly fluent. It almost sounds Shakespearean, the way this tool uses formal English. That’s why it may not be ideal for improving your content’s tone.


Spinbot does provide an array of great options and changes up your content. However, the way that ParaphrasingTool.AI changes your content and makes it vastly better is unmatched by it. Therefore, ParaphrasingTool.AI is your best option for rewriting content.

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