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Reason Why You Need to Acquire Microsoft AZ-103 Exam ASAP

Microsoft AZ-103 Exam ASAP
Microsoft AZ-103 Exam ASAP

What’s new in Microsoft? Well, that question alone is worth grabbing the attention of many IT professionals. The renowned IT provider just never runs out of advancements to its certifications. This is to complement the forwarding pace of the industry, and outside it. Hence, in answer to the pressing question, we’ve set down a helpful guide that will direct Microsoft AZ-103 Exam ASAP and future certified Microsoft professionals like you to its latest move.

The new update made by Microsoft has sprung forth a new exam that enables candidates to secure the certification in one go. To make it clearer, you are only required to pass one exam to become Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate. And to cut it short, it’s none other than Exam AZ-103. From May 1, 2019, all candidates must only work hard for and pass this exam.


What do you need to know about AZ-103?

Also known as Microsoft Azure Administrator, this exam has a maximum of 40 to 60 questions. These questions range from different topics across the cloud platform which is Microsoft Azure. To mention the tasks one must partake in the coming test, here is a summary. Configuring and managing virtual network takes up the greatest percentage in the list. Aside from this, you are expected to manage identities along with Azure subscriptions and resources. You must also implement and manage storage. Lastly, your mastery in deploying and managing virtual machines will be measured.

What lies ahead after passing the exam?

Your achievement of AZ-103 Exam is your acquisition of the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential. An accomplished holder of this certificate has the capacity to perform the tasks stated above. As a rule, such individual must epitomize the finesse found in the best Azure Administrators.


Is this certification intended for everyone?

The door of this exam is wide open to Azure Administrators. Specifically, individuals who are proficient in managing cloud services are the most expected candidates to pursue this path. Thus, he or she must have the flair when it comes to services like security, compute cloud, storage, networking, and every important thing that comes along with Microsoft Azure solutions.

What do I need to do to pass it?

Hence, if you’re aspiring to pass this renowned exam, you must excel in varied areas. You must know how to go your way into networking, cloud infrastructure, PowerShell, virtualization, Command Line Interface, and so much more. As part of the update, you must study the skillset touched on the previous AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams. Just take note that a large part of it is taken from exam AZ-100.


Anyway, there is a need for you to understand the services encompassed in the IT lifecycle. As a potential candidate, you must embody the deep-rooted yet stretchable knowledge of an IT professional. There’s definitely no shortcut in understanding fully the essentials of this Microsoft exam. Leave one out and you’ll find yourself at your wit’s end.

How to map your AZ-103 success?

Now, we’re here on the most interesting part—the question on how to pass AZ-103. Well, the case is simple for this one. First of all, you need to be introduced to the right resources that will deliver you a fruitful outcome. The greatest misfortune in every candidate’s preparation plan is wasting time on unreliable and futile materials. So, we’ve gathered around the best resources to help you fully learn the essentials of the exam.

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

For candidates who are yet to learn about Azure, this material is a good start. Using this will launch your understanding of technology as it traces from the very core of Azure. Though this isn’t required, it really helps in guiding you to the essential concepts of cloud and Azure Services. You can opt for this material if you are still a newbie or if you want to refresh what you’ve learned.

  • Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Ref AZ-103

Authored by Michael Washam, Jonathan Tuliani, and Scott Hoag, this book can serve as your study compass. Its focus on the exam’s primary objectives can help you nurture your real-world skills. More than anything else, this material provides highly-organized and informative details about Microsoft Azure cloud environments.

  • CertLane.com

This is one of the notable material providers in the world of IT certification. It offers training materials that are beneficial to a candidate’s successful performance in the actual exam. Its products include a series of questions and answers and an audio guide that will help you in familiarizing the test. It also provides a training course which features an instructive video on the topic at hand. If you want to learn about the technical tasks demanded in the exam, you can use its the study guide.

What are the key advantages when taking AZ-103 Exam?

Passing this Microsoft certification exam leads to many career benefits. You can leverage your success of the exam too many aspects of your IT profession. Firstly, Microsoft Azure is already a household name in the industry. Many businesses are aware of the efficiency of its major services. Thus, getting your credentials linked to Microsoft Azure, let alone its Azure Administrator Associate certificate, is definitely a huge plus in your standing and marketability. You can make a name for yourself as a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator. But other than career growth and relevance, taking AZ-103 certification exam will foster your personal development.


This Azure Administrator exam is perfect for professionals who want to step up their career. In the technical field, professionals who choose to be Microsoft certified are favored over those who are not. If this isn’t good enough, let the real-world knowledge and skills you’ll gain in studying AZ-103 exam motivate you to become a top-performing IT professional.

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