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Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge

Reading and getting most out of that are two different things. There are a number of ways you can do to improve your reading (speed), however, that might not help you to ace a test or increase your knowledge with each book you read, notably, your textbooks. You don’t need to worry, though. In the article below, I have listed Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge to help you get the 100% out of what you read.

Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge
Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge

Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge

1. Preview Your Book

Initially, grab your textbook and preview the book by reading the cover, the table of context and introduction. Besides giving you the big picture, it helps you understand the structure of the book.

2. Flip Through Each Page

Choose a chapter you are going to read. Then, flip over each page. Notably, you are not going to read anything; you will just look at the pages, the prints and the pictures on them. This will help you understand 1) how long is the chapter, 2) how much are their words compared to pictures or graphs 3) are there any graphs or illustrations and much more.

3. Go to the End of the Chapter

After you have got the big picture, you should go to the of the chapter to look for some quizzes or questions. In most of the textbooks, we have some quizzes or questions in the end that highlight the most important things in the chapter. By scanning the quizzes, you will know what to look for in the whole chapter.

4. Go to the Beginning of the Chapter

Then you should go to the beginning of the chapter and read the bold Prints. Basically, the bold prints contain the important pieces of stuff or the titles and the headings which are used to break down the information in the chapter. So, reading them can help you understand what is in the whole chapter fundamentally.

5. Read the First and the Last in Each paragraph

The first sentence of each paragraph is the introduction to the paragraph. So, basically, it is a quick overview that gives you an indication that what the whole stuff is about.  On the other hand, the last sentence is the summary of the complete paragraph-it sums up everything.

At this point, you need to keep in mind that you haven’t followed all these five steps for comprehension but exposure. So, you won’t understand the pieces of stuff or the information in the chapter. However, now you have dots (map) to connect. So, your brain is ready too read and absorb most out of the chapter.


Lastly, it is a lot of work but it is still less than the effort of rereading the chapter several times. So the next time you want to read your textbook, follow the Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge.

I hope the Study Hack-How to Absorb Textbooks Like a Sponge was useful. Also, if you have any questions or suggestion, let us know in the comment section below.






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