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Top 10 English Spanish Dictionaries for Android

Top 10 English Spanish Dictionaries
Top 10 English Spanish Dictionaries

When learning English as a second language you need to have a good teacher who teaches you. You might have a teacher who teaches you in the class, but you need a teacher who should be always with you as a friend. So far, a good dictionary can be a good friend as well as a good teacher to help you always. Being an ESL learner you need to have a dictionary installed on your cell phone and learn new words pronunciation, meaning and parts of speech every day. In the article below we introduce top 10 English Spanish dictionaries for Android users.

 Top 10 English Spanish Dictionaries

Indeed, learning vocabulary is the major part of learning English. Learning vocabulary starts from having a good dictionary because whenever you come across a word which is new to you, you have to check the meaning, then a good dictionary can help you a lot. When you come across a new word observe four things of that: 1. Pronunciation, 2. Meaning 3. Spelling 4. Nature. Be sure to check out the following English Spanish dictionary for Android.

10 Best English Spanish Dictionaries

  1. SpanishDict Translator

Contains ads-Offers in-app purchases

Rated by 23000+


SpanishDict is the leading Spanish translator, dictionary, and conjugator trusted by more than 10 million people each month.  Featuring the highest quality Spanish-English dictionaries and a Spanish Word of the Day. Use it as a handy reference tool and the translator or as a fun way to learn new words in Spanish.


  • Full Spanish-English dictionary with examples, regional usage, and contextual information.
  •  Much faster than dictionary apps that require an Internet connection to look up words.
  • Words are auto-suggested as you type.
  • Audio pronunciations for dictionary entries available in-app (internet connection required).

This dictionary is having 18000+ 5 starts raring from users and is installed by 500,000 – 1,000,000. In addition, it requires 4.4 and up android version.

2. Spanish English Dictionary

Contains ads- Offers in-app purchase

Rated by more than 20000+


Spanish English Dictionary is for Android phones and tablets, comprehensive offline dictionary, phrasebook, verb conjugator, phrase translator, flashcards and audio pronunciation.


  • Dictionary with over 686,000 offline entries (premium), over 466,000 for free.
  • Phrasebook with 20 categories such as Conversation, Asking Directions and Making Friends.
  • Conjugations of 6,419 verbs.
  • Online Phrase Translator.
  • Flashcards.
  • Dictionary favourites.
  • Single index search for fast lookup.
  • Enhancements for tablets.
  • Multiple-choice vocabulary quizzes.
  • Lookup History.
  •  Email dictionary translations.
  • Dictionary entries include translations, usage examples, part of speech & gender for Spanish nouns.
  • Updated regularly by our team of linguists.
  • Online lookup for additional words (premium).
  • Text-to-speech pronunciation.
  • Language is living. Only VidaLingua allows you to add words, notes and images to the dictionary!

Spanish English Dictionary is installed by 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 and it requires 4.0.4 and up android version. it is offered by Ascendo Inc. Email [email protected]

3. English Spanish Dictionary

Contains ads

Rated by 5000+

You can translate English to Spanish or Spanish to English through the dictionary and there are more than 17,000 words and phrases offline present in this dictionary.


  • Search and filter words or phrases with keywords in dictionary
  • Swap source and target language to search words
  • Add words to your favourites
  • See word details with examples including source and target word which are highlighted in sentence
  • Each word or sentence of example can be voiced
  • Powerful real-time translator including following features
  • voice recognition supported
  • voice the result
  • Input via both typing and voice
  • EMail or SMS the translation
  • copy to paste in other apps
  • View History of recent translates, sort or clear the records

This dictionary is installed by 100,000 – 500,000 and it requires 2.1 or up version of Android. Developer: Email [email protected]

4. Offline English Spanish dictionary

Contains ads

Rated by 10000+

This is one of the best offline English-Spanish Dictionary and if the text-to-speech (TTS) technology is not available on some devices. To check if your phone is able of speech synthesis: Menu -> Settings -> Voice input & output -> Text-to-speech settings.
If not installed, your device may ask you to install the TTS engine. An internet connection may be required. We recommend installing it before travelling as roaming data tariffs may be very expensive.


  • More than 85.900 words and expressions
  • Bookmark your favourite translations for fast reference
  • Works offline! No Internet connection needed, no extra files to download! The best translator for your trips, your studies, or when no data connection is available.
  • Listen to the correct pronunciation in British or American English and Spanish using Android’s built-in Text-to-speech synthesizer.
  • Share translations by SMS, email, etc.

This dictionary is installed by 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 and it requires 4.0.3 or up version of Android. Developer: Email [email protected]

5. English-Spanish and Spanish-English dictionary

Contains ads – Offers in-app purchases

Rated by 300+


Dictamp Spanish – English and English – Spanish (Diccionario Inglés Español) dictionary is an offline dictionary (vocabulary) with an easy and functional user interface, covers over 110.000 words.


  • Favorite words
  • Bookmark
  • Rename a bookmark
  • Sorting a bookmark
  • Adding notes to word
  • History( as day, month …)
  • Adding new words
  • Editing words
  • Randon word button
  • Changing option of text size and colour

This dictionary is installed by 10,000 – 50,000 and it requires 4.0 or up version of Android. Developer: Email [email protected]

6. Spanish English Translator, Dictionary & Learning

Contains ads – Offers in-app purchases


Nglish by Britannica – A free Spanish-English dictionary, translator and English learning app. Learn English the fun way, on your own time and on the go! This app is from Encloypedia Britannica and Merriam Webster. This app also includes a personal my Zone area with customizable word list quizzes and more.

Additional features

  • Word of the Day: Our editors carefully select and send you a new word or expression every day.
  • Autocomplete in English and in Spanish: When you start typing, the app will automatically suggest relevant words or phrases in English and Spanish.
  • Spell Check: Automatic spelling corrections for any words you misspell.
  • Reverse Translation: Tap any English word within the search results to get its Spanish translation.
  • Built-In Review Cycle: Automatically saves your quiz errors and dictionary look-up history to your personal word lists for further practice.
  • Full-Text Translation: Translate full or partial sentences from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
  • Collect Coins: Earn virtual coins throughout the English learning process and use them for upgrades

This dictionary is already installed by 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 and is compatible with varies with devices. The developer is: Visit website

Email [email protected]Privacy Policy Merriam-Webster Inc. P.O. Box 281 Springfield, MA 01102.

7. English Spanish Dictionary

Contains ads

Rated by 600 +


English Spanish Dictionary is offline and free. you can translate Spanish to English and English to Spanish. This is not only a dictionary but also a learning tool. There is auto suggestion so you need to type full words.


  • Spanish To English
  • English To Spanish
  • No internet connection required
  • Search From Web
  • Search by Sharing
  • Auto Suggestion
  • Pronounce & Voice Search
  • Antonyms (Opposite words)
  • Synonyms
  • Backup and Restore
  • History & Study Plan
  • Word Game
  • Share Words
  • Copy Words

This dictionary is installed by 50,000 – 100,000 and requires 4.0 or up Android version. The

8. Spanish English Translator

Contains ads

Rated by 4000+


This is a free English translator, you can translate text, word or sentence from Spanish to English or from English to the Spanish language. You can use this app as a Spanish to English dictionary or English to Spanish Dictionary too.


  • Mexican English Translator
  • English Mexican Translator
  • Simple User Interface(Easy to use for Translator)
  • Listen to translated text, sentence in English or Spanish
  • Used as a Spanish to English dictionary or English to Spanish Dictionary.
  • Social Media – Easily share with Friends and Family.

This app is installed by 100,000 – 500,000, and it requires 4.0.3 or up Android version. Developer:  Visit website 

Email [email protected]

9. Spanish English Translator

Contains ads

Rated by 82000+


This free app is able to translate words and texts from English to Spanish, and from Spanish to English.


  • very useful app for easy and fast translations, which can be used like an offline dictionary
  • voice input for text available
  • you can translate offline, without an internet connection
  • share translations with your friends and contacts
  • if you are a student, tourist or traveller, it will help you to learn the language!
  • Spanish is spoken in countries like United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Spain, Equador and others.

This dictionary is installed by 10,000,000 – 50,000,000.


10. Spanish-English Dictionary

Contains ads · Offers in-app purchases
Rated by  1000+
In this dictionary you can search words, from which you can also listen to the pronunciation, also this is very clear and it works as easy as a dictionary should because it is offline.
  • Contains an extensive word trainer
  • Different exercises
  • Improves your listening reading and writing skills
  • Helps you to improve your pronunciation
  • Suitable for any level

This dictionary is installed by 50,000 – 100,000 and requires 4.0.3 or up Android version.


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