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Top Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers

 In this web-based world, it has become quite quick and easy for everyone to access information in abundance, thanks to the internet. The students are no longer required to go to libraries or bookshops to find study material that can help them in writing assignments. It’s because, with a single search query on Google or any other search engine, they can get their hands on a wide range of sources to gather the data they are looking for.

However, this easy accessibility has also given rise to plagiarism, which is defined as an act of replicating someone else’s words and presenting them as your own.

Plagiarism is a major issue in academia, and to fight against it, institutes impose several sanctions and repercussions. Students caught with plagiarized work have to deal with adverse consequences. Hence, it has become increasingly important for all learners to check their work’s originality.

For this reason, the students can get their hands on a plagiarism checker, a tool designed to help them detect duplication from any kind of text. Besides students, this utility is equally essential for teachers, as it helps them keep a check on the assignments submitted by students.

So, being a teacher or student, you should use a plagiarism checker that returns accurate results. To help you find a perfect assistant in this journey, we are here to discuss the top plagiarism checkers with this blog.

So let’s start discussing them without any further delay!

Top Plagiarism Checkers for Students and Teachers

01: SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a top-rated platform worldwide due to its vast range of online tools. The plagiarism checker available on this web portal can become the best assistant for students and teachers alike, as it possesses the ability to scan any kind of text and let users know about the existence of plagiarism. Its vast database consists of data from billions of web pages, making its directory top-notch for detecting plagiarism. Using this tool, you can easily check plagiarism of any type of content/assignments/papers and find even the slightest chunk of duplication whether its intentional or unintentional.

Due to the super-compatibility of this plagiarism detector, it is easily accessible to everyone around the globe. Whether using an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device, you won’t face any hassle in accessing and using this tool to check for plagiarism in your articles. The usage of this tool is quite simple, as you are just required to submit your text and click the given button. It won’t ask you to follow any intricate procedures to execute a plagiarism test. It supports multiple file formats, such as pdf, txt, doc, docx, etc., to make its usage more convenient for all teachers and students.

02: DupliChecker

The plagiarism checker free on DupliChecker is the next tool on this list of top plagiarism checkers for students and teachers.

This tool uses AI-based technology that detects all instances of plagiarism in no time. This facility can become a great assistant for teachers, as the AI technology enables it to check plagiarism from articles that are plagiarized smartly. Many students use different strategies to steer clear of plagiarism by manipulating an existing text.

However, they cannot beat the supremacy of this plagiarism detector, as it even detects text that is contextually similar. The accuracy of this tool will never let you face disappointment. The students can also find this helpful tool due to its advanced plagiarism-checking capability.

03: PlagiarismDetector

PlagiarismDetector.net also has a top-quality plagiarism checker for students and teachers. This facility is based on deep search technology that conducts an in-depth check on the text the users submit to check for plagiarism accurately. Its detailed results will enable you to easily figure out the existence of plagiarism in your text.

You can learn about the percentage of unique and plagiarized data using this online tool.

You won’t face any difficulty in differentiating the original and copied text, as this tool also highlights duplicated sentences or phrases. In addition, you can use this plagiarism detector to generate a plagiarism scan report. The report usually contains the text you submitted, the percentage of plagiarism and unique text, and the URLs of the sources from where any portion of text is plagiarized. This report can be downloaded in PDF format to your device with a single click.

04: PlagiarismChecker

Plagiarismchecker.co is a  website that allows you to perform plagiarism check online. The students and teachers can rely on this tool to check any kind of text for plagiarism. This advanced tool is based on super-fast algorithms that take a few seconds to process your request and display accurate results. You’ll surely be amazed by the quick output delivered by this plagiarism detector.

This platform offers a plagiarism checker in both free and paid versions. Being a student, you may think it won’t be easy to afford this tool. However, this tool won’t put much burden on your pocket, as its basic plan just costs $15. Even if you don’t wish to pay this amount, you can keep using its free service, which allows you to conduct as many plagiarism tests as you want. The only limitation with the free version is the word count, i.e., 800 words per search. On the other hand, with its premium plans, you can check up to 30K words in one go.

In addition, this plagiarism detector also supports multiple languages that can help you check plagiarism from an article in any language.

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