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Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google and there is 300 hours of video uploaded per minute on YouTube which is a massive amount of video being created. So the video is going to be an invaluable part of your content marketing. Also, a lot of contents that appears in Google now are of YouTube, hence, you have to know what video is a part of your internet marketing and how to mix it in your content marketing strategy. In the article below I am going to elaborate Video Marketing tips and tricks.

Video Marketing Tips and Tricks

How to Shoot Your Video

Isn’t shooting video hard? Yes, it’s, but a video is getting easier to make. The thing that you have to focus on while recording is the quality of the video, you must have a high-quality camera and it’s not difficult nowadays to do because smartphones like iPhone 5 or 6 and Galaxy 5 are also having a great video quality.

Another thing that you can do to improve the quality of your video is the aim for the natural light. If you can do natural lighting that can be a great factor for your video.

In addition, good sound is critical and you have to record your video with a good sound and lastly stick with simple editing tools, you don’t want to do a lot of cuts, twisting, and lighting in your videos so keep it simple as possible.

Video Builds Trust 

All surveys show that people trust video above all other modalities. The people can look in your eyes and will have the propensity to believe in what you have to say, so video is important. it’s also important to produce high-quality video because the low-quality video doesn’t generate authority, the more you give time on your video, the people will like it and will generate authority and remember, the video is a great way to build an audience.

Share Your Video

Share you video on social media to drive traffic to Your YouTube channel as well as the site. There is 7752 hours of YouTube video being watched on Facebook every minute, so share your video as much as you can.  And shared content is a shared trust, so if I post your video on YouTube or any video on my Facebook and all my friends see it, and they will think that this video is going to be interesting because they trust in me and like to see what I share. Video sharing is a free promotion for you, hence share your valuable video because sharing is caring.

Link Your Site From YouTube

Remember YouTube isn’t your hub, it’s just a channel for you, the important thing that you should understand is all of your videos should be posted on your own site (Your home base). You want people on your site watching your videos. And one of the things that you should do is you want to link back to your site from YouTube, so in the description of your video on YouTube, you should put a link to your site.  You should drive traffic from YouTube to your site.

What Do I Do with my videos?

You need to setup a YouTube channel and publish your video to YouTube and you need to remember to link your site in the description of your video on YouTube to drive traffic from there and also it will give you a backlink from YouTube. Embed YouTube video in a blog post and write around it.

Self-Hosting or Cloud Hosting

You publish your videos on YouTube to get some traffic but you can also publish them on your blog without YouTube with the help of paid services like Vimeo and Wistia.  These services give you a great analytics and they have some other features that let us pause a video and put an opt-in box that integrates with our email service provider like a gateway and also you can have a call to action button.

Vimeo and Wistia host your videos for you in the cloud and on the internet and offer you players and analytics. Remember not to host your videos on your own server, in place you can post it on YouTube or Vimeo and Wistia.

Do You Want to be in Videos?

Do you hate to appear on your video?  Indeed, it all depend on styles of video.

Not all videos have to be direct to camera or talking head, you can do screen shares, animations, webinars or etc.

Of course talking head and making eye contact builds more trust but depending on the audience, if your video is about learning perspective, talking head and making eye contact doesn’t maybe convey as much information, so this particular style of video need to have slide listening to the speaker and reading the bullet points on the slides. So, you have to find the right way and the right style for you.

Action Items

  • Create yourself a YouTube channel
  • Record a short video talking about your and what you do
  • Publish it on your YouTube channel
  • Remember the description field link!

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