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What Are The Qualities of Best Writing

What Are The Qualities of Best Writing

Essay writing can be one of the important parts of a test. If your writing is well organized and according to the structure or having good qualities, you can get a good mark. Before going to tell you what are the qualities of best writing, you should know what an essay is.

What is an Essay?

Essay is an organized collection of your thoughts on a particular topic or is about a presentation of your ideas. An essay can be either long or short, serious or humorous, formal or informal, fact-based or fiction. It can describe your opinions. The trick to writing the best one is to stay on topic. Because your reader’s mind must not be diverted from your essay.

     Your essay will lead your reader through your organized thoughts on a single topic. Your essay should inform, educate and entertain your readers. Before you begin writing your essay, it’s good to understand the process of essay writing. Here are some qualities of the best essay writing:

What Are The Qualities of Best Writing

1. Select your Topic

Select the attention-grabbing title for your essay. Your points have to be relevant to your topic. No unnecessary points should be added. Your points should support your arguments and be completed.

2. Give an Outline

Start writing an essay with an outline, using the different elements of your essay as a template.

3. Well-organized

Your essay structure must be organized. It must have the following three parts;

Introduction: It is the first paragraph of your essay and introduces the essay topic to your reader. It presents your topic and provides an insight into what follows.

Body: Here you develop the topic that you introduced in your introduction. Start a new paragraph every time you discuss a new point. Organize points or ideas.

Conclusion: It is an important part of your essay. It should have a sense of closure and leave something in the mind of the reader to think about. Generally, the conclusion is a summary of your essay body or any closing thoughts or ideas.

4. Sustained Cohesiveness

Don’t arrange your essay randomly. The points should have all stick together to the central theme and give a coherence, direction, and purpose to the essay.

5. Concise

Your points should be brief and concise. Write only relevant things in the essay.

6. Usage of Transition Words

Use transition words to connect the points and paragraphs. And to give flow to your essay.

7. Specific & Analytical Thinking

Be specific to the extent possible. It should not be contradictory and try to have analytical or critical thinking.

8. Explanatory

The points/ideas, though are concise and relevant, should serve to explain their core point to the reader.

9. Fluently Paced

Your reader should not feel bored while reading your essay, get the thrill like reading a detective novel, maintaining an urge in him to finish reading the whole piece with heightened interest in one go.

10. Balance

In paragraph 2 or 3 you tell what you are talking about? It has to be balanced.
Once you are sure that your writing “ makes your point” and that you have caught and corrected an error in formatting, spelling, punctuation, and grammar, your “first draft” magically becomes your finished essay.

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