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Who is The Best Trainer of Children? Parents or Teacher

Who is The Best Trainer of Children? Parents or Teacher
Who is The Best Trainer of Children? Parents or Teacher

Who is The Best Trainer of Children? Parents or Teacher

The agenda which is before the house is about,” Who is The Best Trainer of Children? Parents or Teacher” Teacher is an open way to the way of views and visions, dreams and hopes and imaginations. We all know this. But as I think there is no more time left to dream, to hope, to imagine, but it is time to turn our visions into action, its time not to let our dreams remain a dream. Its time not only imagine but also discover.

Therefore I shake a leg in here. Because teacher can never be the best trainer of a child!

There is a general believe that we get educated in schools and colleges! This is again Re-directing us to the teacher and role of a teacher in one society. But a question arises.” DO WE REALLY GET EDUCATED IN SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES?”  Don’t get me wrong. Obviously not! There is a consensus that some people do but most don’t. We receive a lot of information in schools and colleges but in fact we do not need information to be educated or to be trained in best possible way. Because we never need to have a better head to be a good person but all we need is to be a better person in order to have a better head!

Intellectual education influences the head and value based education influences the heart.  In fact education that does not train the heart is dangerous. Because an uneducated thief may steel from the freight car but an educated one my steal the entire rail road!!! True education is training of both. The head and the heart and it is only and only possible when a mother trains you. Then if we want to build character in our offices, homes and society we must achieve a minimum level of moral and ethical literacy. Education that builds fundamental traits of character such as honesty, compassion, courage, persistence and responsibility is absolutely essential.

Educating the mind without moral creates a maniac in society. We do not need more academic education. We need more value based education, a person who is morally educated will be a lot better equipped to move up in life or succeed than will a morally bankrupt person with excellent academic qualification.

Modern Education may have shortened the span, by flying the space shuttles and air planes in the sky, trains, buses and other vehicles on the road surfaces.  The same education may have connected the people inhabiting in all over the world, through the telephones, faxes, mobiles and the easiest communication I mean internets and etc. and the same modern education may have been providing the nation best facilities of awareness of different thoughts, theories, and modern inventions.  The teachers may train the children with a belief that education is power! But I am sorry! because education is not power. Education is information. It is potential power. It becomes power only when it is acted up on.

I would like to ask u all a question. If God and the mother are standing together, who does a child solute first? According to the Indian culture, the answer is the mother, because without her directions and help, a child could not have met God. She is someone whose hindsight can become your foresight.

Note: This topic is a guest post, written by one of the colleague.

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