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10 Best Educational Websites for Students

Here, today I am dripping into that knowledge pool and providing the top 10 best educational websites for students that I have brought to you after extensive research. These websites can help you a lot as a student in improving your grade and productivity. So, let’s dive into the ocean.

Best Educational Websites for Students

1. Wolfram Alpha:

Wolfram Alpha is the computational knowledge engine which calculates any sort of mathematical problem and gives you a comprehensive explanation of the step by step solution. To get started, you need to create your account and google the problem you want to solve. Then You will be given a comprehensive solution. Moreover, you can also get information about any other topic regarding physics, chemistry, computational sciences, word and linguistics and a lot more.

2. Habitica:

Habitica is the best site that can help you build and improve your real-life habits in a fun way. The tasks tab on the toolbar displays your habit, details, to-dos, and rewards. The better you are at accomplishing your real-life tasks, the more you progress in the game.  Moreover, Habitica is all about accountability and responsibility. In addition, you can level up, gain golds, collect equipment, find pets, all simply by accomplishing your real-life tasks.

3. Todoist:

Todoist is a very cool task manager with awesome style, design, and features. It offers more useful features than any other to-do website. Moreover, it allows you to manage your tasks from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It provides you the basic feature free but you can also go for a paid version to get further features.

4. Coggle:

If you are a person of mind mapping and brainstorming, then coggle is the best website for you. Coggle is a free mind mapping web application. It provides you documents like a branching tree. Some of the Coggle notable features are images, links, joining branches, comments on items, IOS, and Android support and much more.

5. Cheatography:

Cheatography a cool site that collects cheat sheets that condense the information on all kinds of topics. This could be helpful for building study guides. Moreover, it is a collection of 3321 cheat sheets and quick references in 25 languages for everything from a Linux to history.

6. Quizlet:

If you love flashcards, you will love this too. Quizlet is the site of flashcards where you can study through flashcards but way more organized. Originally, it is an online learning tool. As a memorizing tool, Quizlet lets its registered users sets of terms customized for their own needs. It also provides an application programming interface that allows users to access the Quizlet data. Moreover, you can upload and download flashcards and also modify user’s flashcards.

7. Edx.org:

Edx.org offers anyone around the world amazing education courses by connecting to universities or other institutions around the world. It simply hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, including some courses at no charge. Available in English, Hindi, French, and Mandarine.

8. TEDed:

Inspiration? TEDed fills your inspiration through educational topics that cover a range of interesting topics. In fact, it is a media organization that posts talks online for free distribution under the slogan of “lessons worth spreading”. Its main branch is TEDx that covers very inspirational and motivational online talks, under the slogan of “ideas worth spreading”

 9. Sleppti.me:  

Sleppti.me works by counting backward in sleep cycles. It simply can help you manage your sleeping time so that you should stay focused not to be sleepy or less productive all the time.

10. Toodledo:

Toodledo is a great website helping you organize your long list of to-dos and stay focused. Moreover, you don’t need to write things down because it categorizes everything according to the task’s level of priority such as tasks for studying, tasks to complete around the house, personal tasks. Toodledo works with Apple watch also, it is flexible enough to work with any style.

I hope these 10 best educational websites for students will help students to improve their knowledge and do best in their studies.


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