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Student Week Activities to Boost Up Your Students

School or college can be pretty boring and stressful if they are all about studying textbooks. None of us would ever want to wake up in the morning to get ready for school if we had to spend 6 to 8 hours skimming textbook pages and writing essays. Instead, if we had to participate in student week activities, getting up early in the morning would never be a grudge.

Below there are some activities you could opt to provide your students a week full of energy, enthusiasm, and learnings. Besides, if you have a problem managing your class as a teacher, 5 Best School Management Software may help you manage your class in the best way.

Student Week Activities and Ideas

To bring your students out of the everyday routine, you can arrange a week full of different activities. This week, you can arrange a different sort of competition or game every day. Besides, you can arrange rewards for discipline students. You can acknowledge, appreciate and praise CRs and best students of each class.

Moreover, you can arrange different competitions or games to boost your students’ confidence level. So, check out the following students’ week activities.

Appreciate Students

Amongst hundreds of students in your school, there are some students who are very hardworking and disciplined students. Some of the qualities of such students are below:

  • These students hardly ever break any school or college rules.
  • They are disciplined
  • They are punctual
  • submit their homework on time
  • They participate in class.

Such students deserve your appreciation and acknowledgment. In order to reward them, you can either arrange any certificate or any trophy. This may seem very little thing. On the contrary, it is a huge act towards boosting your students’ interest and building up their confidence.

Besides, if you appreciate such students, the rest of the students also get inspiration. As a result, they will work harder and follow all the school disciplines.

Moreover, you can acknowledge the hard work of your prefects or CRs. Unlike other students, they work harder. Not only they have to keep up with their homework and studies but also they take the responsibility of school management. Thus, appreciating them will increase their confidence.

Competition and Games

Besides appreciating hard-working students and prefects or CRs, you can arrange some games and competitions to promote and boost up students’ confidence. There are the following examples of competitions and games.

  1. scrabble competition
  2. Spelling Bee competition
  3. News Casting competition
  4. Debate or speech competition
  5. Cross Word Puzzle competition
  6. Photography competition
  7. Essay Writing competition
  8. Story Writing competition
  9. Stand up comedy
  10. Singing competition
  11. Dance Competition
  12. Reading Competition
  13. Painting competition
  14. Cooking Competition
  15. General Knowledge Quiz competition and many more

You can apply for one competition per day. Then, at the end of the students week, reward the winners with a certificate or trophy. This way they get motivated. And next time they will not miss the chance of coming out of their comfort zone to try out a little bit of risk.

Moreover, those students who did not participate this time, they will also be motivated for the next students week. Thus, you will not only build their confidence but also they will learn through the process.

So, this is it for student week activities to boost up your students’ confidence and polish up their skills.

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