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10 Best Websites to Get Online Help for Physic Assignments

10 Best Websites to Get Online Help for Physic Assignments
10 Best Websites to Get Online Help for Physic Assignments

Nowadays being a student is very difficult because you have always to be great in every subject and do their assignments perfectly. Therefore, doing these all is not an easy task, in fact, they have become easy because of websites that help students improve their ability and skills.

Are you looking for a website where you can find the guides of your subjects and be relaxed? Do you want to master in physics subject? In this modern era, every student has a bunch of responsibilities to do and they have various subjects to pay attention to, therefore, for doing great in each of them we need to visit several websites for help. With the help of the websites, we can manage our assignments and can master that subject easily.

Mostly some websites have courses for different subjects but some don’t therefore, finding the best one is somewhat challenging for students. But don’t worry because we have brought you the best websites you can find the solution to your problems. When students move to a higher level, then by every level their subjects get more and more difficult than previous levels. Therefore, students lose interest in learning but there is a solution to this problem, you should visit websites for help because they even help you like the most difficult subjects too.

When it comes to studying then subjects like math, physics, biology, and chemistry make every student depressed and frustrated. So, in this article, I am going to let you know about the 10 websites which help students enjoy their life.

In these websites from basic to the complex questions of your subjects are solved. In the previous article, I wrote about some 10 best websites for math and in this article, I have brought you 10 websites for physics. If you want to master in physics, get help from these websites. Let’s have a quick glance at them as follow.

10 Best Websites to Get Online Help for Physic Assignments

1. Physics for the 21st century

Physics for the 21st century is a very simple course that helps students learn the most basic physics and then gradually move to complicated ones. There are several varying methods to learn, including videos and notes to help students comprehend their problems and find solutions for them from these websites. You will be even aware of what others research about or what they are doing on this website. This website is helpful for those students who want to move on and as well as for those who hate physics subjects. With the help of this website, students can predict their future too. You can find out the answer to the most difficult questions of physics too. This website is designed like every other website for learning and making our problems easy for solving.

2. MIT Online

Do you really want to score good grades in physics subject? If yes, then what are you waiting for, have a look at this website and master in the subjects you are struggling with. Its courses are available free for physics students who want to score good grades and improve in physics subject. Their courses are free, with lecture notes, test preparation, and homework guides are available. Their answers are available on this site so that you can see your progress and examine yourself before looking for it. This free website provides free courses and that is why it is known as one of the best websites. This site will definitely help you master in physics subject and give it a thumbs up. As well as it will inspire you in a way that you will recommend it to your other friends too.

3. Richard Feynman (fun to imagine)

Richard Feynman, a great physicist, describes physics and its usages that how it brought improvements in our surroundings. In this website, videos of almost about 10 minutes long are uploaded in which the most complicated and complex subjects including physics is explained very clearly. These videos are the best for those who have a problem in physics subjects and don’t understand anything out of it. These videos and notes help you concentrate more on your studies especially, physics subjects for making your future secure. If you want to learn physics for free, then visit this website because they provide very good content and videos for students.

4. Elementary Einstein

We all know that Einstein, was a great physicist, therefore there is a website by his name too. He is the father of physics and in this website, all his notes are taught. Do you really think that the field of physics is very tough and hard to comprehend or learn? If it is then don’t worry anymore because we have brought you the top best websites for physics subjects and it is one of them. This interactive website will teach you the basics of physics in an easy and comprehensive way. This website is known as Einstein because it teaches the students about particle physics and its importance. There is no doubt that physics is a very tough subject therefore, we have to search from different websites for help. This site will help you learn beyond the basic ideas easily.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the website that recommends free courses of almost every subject for the students of any grade. It includes practice programs, videos, and workshops for the students to empower them to study in a way that they want. This website recommends videos for varying subjects for different grades. It is a very famous and prominent online learning site among all the other websites and it helps students to create a study environment and make studying apart of their daily routine. It offers different courses for students to get to know about their problems and solve them.

6. Learn out Loud

As by its name it can make everything clear for us that this website mostly has audio sources available in it. It is the best website that provides videos and audio lectures for free to the students. It is not only for audio lectures, in fact, but there are also several great video lectures for Physics subjects too. Also, It discusses different subjects to which students struggle with the most. Especially, there are over 100 videos and audio lectures available in the science section for medical students.

7. Open Culture

Open culture is one of the most prominent websites available in Google when it comes to free courses. There are more than 750 courses available in it from different top universities of the world and for different subjects including physics subjects. One of the most amazing thing about this website is that all the courses available on this website are also available in different formats for students. Therefore, this website is appropriate and suitable for every kind of students even if they are too lazy. You have to visit this website once if you are a physics student and worried about your all assignments and tests.

8. Real-world-physics-problems

This website concentrates more on the way a student can learn better when it comes to learning and studying in the real world. They prepare different workshops for students so that they can focus on their learning process. And most students learn by visual presentations rather than writing them down. Therefore, this website’s focus is more on making presentations rather than written notes. Different courses for different grades are divided into the homepage of the website so that students can go and check their level’s courses easily by only a click. The levels are categorized in parts like high school physics courses, college physics courses, and university physics courses also projects for them and some questions and answers section in it. Therefore, it is a very prominent website among all of the others.

9. The Physics Classroom

The physics classroom is another website designed to study physics online for free and for solving the problems of the students. This website was designed by the teachers for their students who had a problem with physics subjects. This website is designed only for physics subjects not for any other subject therefore, it has a very good rating and quality. Besides these all, there are animation videos of experiments and movies to help students learn in a visual way. Because it has been proved that students mostly perceive something in a visual manner more than written one therefore, this website focuses more on this sort of activity. And all of the videos are linked to the written notes for further information.

10. Physics for Future President

This website will help you learn some useful information and points about physics. They are explained with videos and audio lectures that even a beginner can also comprehend everything. You can even learn how to use physics in other fields like in mathematics and chemistry subjects. This website can help you understand each aspect of the physics subject and decide on your future.

Sometimes, students have to learn about some specific subjects like physics, biology, chemistry, and mathematics online therefore, it is very important to have information about some websites. In order to learn in your own way, then you have to visit different websites for help. For some students physics may be one of the most difficult and complicated fields for them therefore, they ought to check these varying websites for studying better. If you want to master physics then these amazing websites will definitely help you out.

What other websites do you know about? What do you think about these websites I mentioned and what else have I missed to mention in this article? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below. 

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