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10 Best English Teaching Resources for Teachers

Best English Teaching Resources for Teachers

If you perceive and can communicate in English with others fluently, then you can teach ESL, isn’t it? Absolutely no, because there is a lot more to learn for teaching someone a new language. If you can speak in English, doesn’t mean that it is enough for your students. In fact, you have to create the best learning environment for them. Your teaching methods must be the best. Therefore, you have to search for several teaching materials that should help you teach your students in a perfect way.

You have to find out materials for the betterment of your student’s speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Teaching the English Language is not an easy task. What you think about it, is all opposite of it. So, if you are provided a ready-made schedule for your classes, then don’t go according to that schedule, in fact, have a look at your students whether they understand what you teach or not. So try to make a study plan for them by yourself by finding out some good teaching materials.

If you are searching online English teaching resources, check the list below, I have listed the 10 best English language teaching resources for teachers. These resources will definitely help you plan your lessons and engage your students more. So let’s check out all of them as follow:

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10 Best English Teaching Resources for Teachers

1. esllibrary.com

ESL Library is one of the best online resources that recommend great ESL teaching materials. If you are teaching grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, and dialogues, then you will find a lot of activities and practices for your students in this resource. And these activities will help you learn the lesson easily and quickly. This site is used by thousands of ESL teachers around the globe because it’s teaching materials are great and have made the job of the teachers easy. It includes video lessons, charts, sheets, and assessment forms for students. It includes different topics including their specific lessons are provided. Which are relevant and useful for students.

2. busyteacher.org

The busy teacher is another most used site in which ESL teachers share free printable worksheets for students. It has a lot of activities and worksheets that ESL teachers can provide to their students. You don’t have to pay for their membership, it is available for free. The best thing about this site is that its worksheets are categorized based on their topics(music, politics, and media).

A categorized worksheet is very easy to use because if the worksheets were not categorized, then students would get confused and would not be able to find the topics they want to study. You can find(listening, reading, writing, and reading) guides on this site. In this site, you can find perfect English Language teaching materials from grammar to videos. In this site, you can use filters too, in fillers, you will have to fill out the answers to the questions which is fun.

3. englishgrammar.org

Every teacher has to teach grammar to their students even if it is not apart of your plan too because grammar is the base of the English language so therefore, this site is specially made for teaching students English grammar. This site lists some grammar rules of the English language for students who don’t know about them. They provide PDF files of these grammar rules for students to learn the lessons easily. So if your students struggle with learning English Language, then teachers can use this site to make the English language easier for them to learn.

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4. eslvideo.com

If you think that your students only learn the things you explain, then why not. Go to ESLvideo.com and make quizzes for your students with the help of your favorite youtube videos. By ESLvideo.com you can create your own quizzes and can address your students to find them out in this site. In this site, there are other teachers’ videos and quizzes that your students can use them which will help them learn the English Language fluently by some other teachers. So if you want to create your own quizzes for your students, then go to this site.

5. usingenglish.com

Are you looking for something different for your students? Do you want your students to learn some interesting idioms, then you can find good resources from this site. This site is the dictionary of the idioms which are available for students for free. There are hundreds of idioms, grammar rules listed in this site if your students want help, then they can get help from this site.

6. varsitytutors.com

The English Teacher Site also known as the International Association of English Language Teachers(IAELT) was founded in 2011. It helps ESL teachers teach their students in a better way. It includes academic articles, English activities, creative writing topics, grammar lessons, pre-planned lesson plans, teaching tips, vocabulary and(listening, reading, writing, and speaking) activities. All you have to do as a teacher download them for free and then teach your students the way it is.

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7. eslprintables.com

It is one of the most crowded and used sites which is filled with great teaching materials for students. It is free to register and be a member of this site. Whenever you submit an exercise for your students on this site, then you get points. And by the help of those points, then you can download great teaching materials. And if you are an active user, then you will get 30 downloads per day without even wasting your points. There is an online forum that is only available for the members of this site, where they can share videos for lessons, questions, quizzes and get advice from other fellow ESL teachers.

8. eslcafe.com

Dave’s ESL Cafe has gained popularity because on this site, you don’t only find teaching materials but you can find jobs too. Teaching materials are Grammar lessons, quizzes, idioms, and sentence structure. You can find job boards for different countries’ current job posts, and even you can introduce yourself as an English teacher for getting any job. In this site, ESL teachers join not only from your level but from abroad too. Students join from different countries to learn more.

9. tesol.org

It is an international association that has been around for almost 50 years. It’s a great community where teachers along with their students are helped to bring an improvement in their life. I have to say that there are several ESL teaching resources, from lessons, activities, teaching tips, events, and educational activities for students. But on this site along with these all materials, you can find TESOL books, white papers, research, and reports for your students. For becoming a member of this site, you will receive some subscription plan options that will help you be successful in your job.

10. cambridgeenglish.org

Without any doubt, Cambridge English is the best and well known English language organization around the globe. This site is a little bit tough to follow but their practice tests are the best teaching materials. So this site is used by thousands of ESL teachers and students who have a love bond for learning the English Language.

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Overall, there are many teaching materials for teachers to teach their students better and better. But it takes a little bit of time to search for them and get accessed to them. I hope you will find these ESL teaching resources useful and effective for your students.

What do you think about this title? What else have I missed to mention in this article? Do you guys know about any other resources that will be more helpful to your students? If you know, then please feel free to share your feedback and ideas with us in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more articles and updates.

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