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What Are The Qualities of a Great Teacher

What Are The Qualities of a Great Teacher
What Are The Qualities of a Great Teacher

If I ask you to tell me about your favorite teacher at the school, you will probably say things like he listens to me and treated me like an actual person. She was incredibly kind and generous. He made learning fun and interesting. She was passionate about the subject and inspired me.

So what does it take to be really a good teacher?

Most students emphasize the personal qualities, being passionate about the subject, being kind generous and listening to the students. Knowledge of the subject is crucial. In addition, to be able to teach your subject you need teaching skills. So here I categorized the qualities of a great teacher into 3 headings.

What Are The Qualities of a Great Teacher


Personal Qualities:

  • Being passionate is a personal quality
  • And being good with the people
  • Being culturally competent is another personal quality
  • In addition, being self-reflective is another quality of a good teacher

Being passionate

To be a teacher you need to be passionate about learning and education. You need to be enthusiastic, creative, hardworking and flexible and to be able to encourage your students in their lessons.

But you also need to keep a sense of realism and be responsive to students needs which might change throughout a lesson or course.

Being good with the people

You must also be good with people in personal communication skills are important. You most likely be working within a team of teachers and when you’re in class you must be able to build a report with your students, encourage them and emphasize with them.

Culturally Competent

You must also be culturally competent. Need to recognize your own ethnocentrism the norms of your country may not match those of the country you are teaching in.

You also need to have a knowledge of your students’ backgrounds, have a willingness to connect to the communities and understand the wider context in which you are teaching.

Being self-reflective

You need to be self-reflective. Teachers have to be committed to self-development and be willing to never stop learning themselves. Teaching requires constant growth and development of your skills to keep you up to date and aware as a teacher.

Subject Knowledge:

  • Understanding grammar is subject knowledge
  • knowing language terminology
  • Strong lexical knowledge
  • Knowing English pronunciation

Understanding grammar

Teachers also need to have great subject knowledge. Understanding English grammar will enable us to explain it to our students and help them spot patterns in language.

Knows language terminology

We need to Know language terminology which is very difficult to teach the English language without understanding words such as noun, verb, an adjective.

Strong Lexical Knowledge

We also need a strong lexical knowledge. This is all about words. We need to know what it is about a word that we need to teach.

Knows English Pronunciation

We also need to know English pronunciation. Understanding pronunciation enables us to better understand the problems our students have when pronouncing words.

So if our personal skills win us points with our students and co-workers and our subject knowledge is what we actually need to teach, then it’s the teaching skills that really get results.

Teaching Skills:

  • The ability to select an appropriate materials
  • Using ESL teaching techniques
  • The ability to manage your class
  • The ability to plan a lesson

English teachers need to be able to select appropriate materials use up to date teaching techniques, have the ability to manage a class and be able to plan meaningful and effective lessons.

So to be a number 1 teacher, you need fantastic personal qualities, knowledge of your subject and teaching skills.

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Was the article helpful? Please feel free to write your feedback about the article in the comment section below. Moreover, what are the qualities of a great teacher according to your opinion? Please comment them below.

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